Reading List- Women In Horror

Hello! Thought I should update seeing as we are in a new year 😉

I hope you are doing okay?

I’ve been busy proofing my short story collection, Dark Is The Water, sorting the cover checking edits, and so on.

My reading has taken a back seat because of this, so I thought I’d be a bit more intentional about what I’m choosing to read. And to read from stuff I already own! That TBR pile has got to go down a bit before I start buying new books. Are you the same?

I’m hoping this will give me some reading accountability too.

So, for the months of February and March, I’m kind of joining in/doing my own version of WiHM (Women In Horror Month) which has now turned into a movement, luckily the same acronym still works. This is a time to celebrate and amplify the work of Women In Horror, in any creative field.

I plan to read the following books;

  • Women Make Horror (nonfiction) by Alison Peirce (Editor) already started
  • Monster She Wrote (nonfiction) by Lisa Kröger (Editor) + Melanie R. Anderson (Editor) already started
  • The Doll, The Lost Short Stories by Daphne Du Maurier, already started
  • Threat (poetry) by Julia Webb
  • When Things Get Dark, collected short stories, by Ellen Datlow (Editor)
  • My Sister The Seriel Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite
  • I Spit Myself Out by Tracy Fahey
  • The Curse of Becton Manor by Patricia Ayling
  • Dear Laura and/or Six Rooms and/or Cruel Works of Nature (already started), all by Gemma Amor and sitting on my Kindle.

I’d love to know if you have read any of the books mentioned above?

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2 responses to “Reading List- Women In Horror”

  1. Thus is great. Women Make Horror looks really interesting. I’m writing (slowly) a novel about two actresses navigating the exploitation/B-movie industry, and I’m looking out for books like these all the time. I’ll jumping on the Women in Horror movement next month. Also great to read you’re ahead on your work being published. Congratulaions!


    1. Thanks so much, Chris!


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