Dark Is The Water

I wanted to share with you the cover of my newest project, Dark Is The Water & other wyrd tales.

This book is a collection of my short stories. Some are very short.

If you’re not sure what I mean by wyrd, well it’s the old way of saying weird, but with more of an uncanny meaning, see here for a better description.

The scheduled release date is early April 2022 and I will be doing preorders again like last time.

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If you are a newsletter subscriber then you’ll already have seen this and even helped me name it, so thank you for that.

For this cover, I really wanted to evoke some of the classic, strange book covers I love. The illustrator, Aubrey Beardsley came to mind and when I contacted artist, Ana Milani with my ideas, she got what I meant straight away.

Find out more about Aubrey Beardsley here.

I found Ana on Instagram and was immediately taken with her work.

Just look at this cover! I’m bowled over by it!

Book cover for Dark Is The Water by Susan Earlam

The characters on the cover have been created by Ana after I gave her a brief to go on from occurrences in the stories.

This is the blurb so far, this may change as time goes on. One of the joys of self-publishing, I can do what I want!

A pocketbook of horror short stories and flash fiction.
A gang of young women are not what they seem. A creature waits on a beach.  A ceremony in a small community turns into a nightmare. The everyday spaces of cricket grounds and train stations become places where inhabitants unravel into themselves. Susan Earlam’s obsession with bodies and their potential for metamorphosis is unveiled in this haunting collection. Dark Is The Water will make you question what it is to live on the edges of this and other worlds.

I’d love to know what you think?

If you like Shirley Jackson, Angela Carter, and Julia Armfield, then I think you might like this.

Preorders will be available soon.

I would love your input

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