Strange Abrasions: 13 Untold Horrors

Untold until now that is!

I have a story in this horror short story anthology.

Published by Comma Press, this is an ebook available for 99p HERE.

This anthology grew from participation in an online horror writing course (from Comma) during the recent pandemic/lockdown/world-changing events of the last months.

The course was brilliant, and as at cheesy as it sounds I’m still in touch with most of the group. Comma’s currently offered short story courses are listed here.

Cracking cover by Ben Tallon, who is also a contributor.

I’d love it if you fancied reading this collection, and if you need a bit more of a taster then let me share this video from contributor, Andrew aka Grumpy Andrew’s House of Horror. He goes through the book and gives a taster of each of the stories.

We are planning on a virtual launch which will include some readings and Q&A’s. Please stay tuned on social (my links are above) if this is something you’d like to join.

If you aren’t yet signed up to my email list then consider this your invitation. My list hears about stuff like this first.

Take care and have a great weekend!

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