My Street Team is open for new members

I’m recruiting for my Street Team! Except it not on the actual streets… It is on the web.

Cats optional, but always welcome!

What is a Street Team I hear you ask…

A Street Team is a select group of people who want to help with spreading the word about something, in this case, my next publication- a short story collection.

You’ll need to be;

1, Genuinely interested in helping my work reach new readers.

2, A genuine fan of my fiction. This means you like the weird, the speculative and a bit of horror.

3, Ready to read the collection before others, in the form of an ebook.

4, Ready and able to share reviews online.

What do you get in return?

Well, apart from my undying gratitude, you will get any other books I release, in advance. Known as ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies).

You will be first in line for any perks, like signed copies, tickets for events (hopefully in real life again sometime), merchandise and discounts.

You will also have the opportunity to become beta-readers of my future work.

I want to create a Street Team hub somewhere online, I still need to figure out where, but now Earthly Bodies is out I’ll have time to sort this. You’ll also be subscribed to a separate mailing list.

It is basically an inside look at behind the scenes, even more behind the scenes than I already share. You will get an idea of what is involved and if any of you are writers too, you’ll be able to see if going the indie publishing route is for you.

Also, I see this as a two-way street, so my inbox will be open for those that are writers or even those that need advice about being online or blogging etc.

If this sounds like fun and something you are interested in, please fill out this form. I’m seeking enthusiasm and passion more than anything else, so don’t worry if you haven’t got a podcast/youtube channel, just let me know in the form how you want to help.

Oh, and if anyone can think of a name other than Street Team, I’m open to ideas!

Come and join my street team and also be this happy 😉

I would love your input

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