earthly bodies eco horror novel

Earthly Bodies is finally out there and I need a sit down.

I’m still here! I went a little quiet because I needed some time off after the launch. I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

To be honest I think I’m on a comedown from publication. A kind of, it’s finally out there, now what do I do?

Luckily for me, I do have plenty to do. I’m working on a short story collection, and I have the first draft of another novel I wrote last year ready for redrafts and edits.

Our house/home story is currently being rewritten again too. More on that when I’m able to, I don’t want to jump the gun just yet. After last year having somewhere to call home is not something I want to toy with. But I will say that things are looking a lot more positive in that area.

Earthly Bodies has had a great reception and is collecting some really pleasing reviews. Although, to reach more readers I need more reviews, especially on retailers like the big bad ‘Zon. Here is the link if you are able to leave a review. Thanks in advance!

  • I’m interviewed at Antigone Magazine Issue 5 pg 46-47. All about my Past/Present/Future.
earthly bodies eco horror novel

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