Earthly Bodies Cover Reveal!

Hello, hello, hello!!

Just a cover reveal! Super casual…. Honest!

I’m actually the opposite of super casual at the moment, I hope you like it? 

This is a version of the second favorite as voted for by newsletter subscribers. The first favorite, which was initially mine too, ended up being a No-Go because it was virtually the same as a couple of books already out there.

Thank goodness for Google Reverse Image Search.

Anyway, this cover was created by Marta- @mbgletters on Instagram. She is brilliant to work with. Earthly Bodies has been exclusively worked on by women, and I’m pretty proud of that. 

I love the cover, I hope it evokes the beauty of nature but with something gone wrong, something sinister and insidious… I’d love to know what you think?

Read more about the design process and influences here. Creating a Book Cover

And to bring things back down to earth (geddit?) here’s the other reality; The tasks I am doing behind the scenes to prepare for the publication of Earthly Bodies often make me feel overwhelmed.

I have had great days, and also days where I just want to stop and put the brakes on the whole thing. Imposter Syndrome is constantly close by at the moment. 

The contents of this post first appeared in my newsletter.

2 responses to “Earthly Bodies Cover Reveal!”

  1. Christopher Witty Avatar
    Christopher Witty

    Great cover. I like the dark background.


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