Starting 2021

Hello! Wow, it’s been so long since I updated this blog.

I’ve not posted since October 2020. This is the longest gap I’ve ever had between posts.

So much has happened. And is still happening.

Bill loves watching the new neighbourhood cats

I’ve moved house. Away from the house that we thought was our forever home. We are now living in a Victorian tardis and renting. Thanks mostly to Covid-19. If you are a newsletter subscriber you’ll already know about this, if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s a button at the end of this post.

And I’ve also decided to self-publish my novel.

So that is new news as well! If you follow me on Instagram or again subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll already know.

Life has been so busy with the self-publishing, the house move, homeschooling and just getting through these weird times.

Can you relate?

I’ve not had the time or the inclination to do a Word of the year, my choices for 2020 became very apt- Resilience & Revolution. I think I’ve fulfilled both of those!

I’ve also got a short story that I’ve written just for my subscribers. If you would like to sign up, you can read it on any device.

The genre is feminist cosmic-horror and I’ve had some great feedback about it. If you like my usual work, you will like this. I’d love for you to sign up and enjoy the story. Find the button below.

To no one’s suprise, it turns out self publishing is pretty complicated. I’m basically a project manager, juggling freelancers and timelines.

Books I got for Christmas

I’ve been, and I still am, exhausted. So, I’ve just been showing up for my newsletter subscribers and over on Instagram, I apologise for not updating over here. Like the rest of the world, I hope to get back to some kind of routine soon.

I hope you are doing okay, and that your loved ones are safe and well.

Be gentle with yourself.

Sign up below. I’d love to have you join.

2 responses to “Starting 2021”

  1. Lovely to see a post pop up! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. x


    1. Thanks so much Natasha! Hope you have a great weekend x


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