Writing Resources (most are free!)

Writing and creating under lockdown.

Hello, I hope this finds you well and coping with life right now.

I find that my creativity gets pushed down the priority list in times of stress, when really it should be near the top of things I should be doing. Having a creative outlet eases the mind, allowing a feeling of productivity, joy and challenge. It fills your head with something else, perhaps even excitement, about something other than the thing that is on your mind.

Creative writing resources (many free) under lockdown
Creative writing resources (most free) under lockdown

Many folk have rediscovered cooking meals from scratch, this is creativity. Gardening, also a form of creativity. Even Home Schooling, perhaps enforced creativity, but show me a parent who isn’t winging it everyday. That is pure creative thinking.

Today I wanted to share with you some brilliant resources for those of you that write creatively, or would like to. Perhaps now is the ideal time to start?

  • Writers HQ have loads of resources for writers. Many of them now free due to the lockdown situation. They are running virtual writing retreats and workshops amongst other things. Check out all their stuff here.
  • Future Learn has loads of free courses too. A wider variety of subjects, but there are many creative ones on there. I’ve just started How To Make A Poem, which is being ran by Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • I’ve also just signed up to Story Arcana, Caroline who runs it is updating the course so was having a flash sale. I use tarot anyway, but in the self paced course she teaches methods to help develop characters and plot lines and more, using the cards. It’s closed now, but coming back in August, all updated and new so if you are interested you can sign up to be notified here.
  • I love The Freewriter’s Companion, and the free weekly writing prompts that you can sign up for are brilliant and always get me writing. I’ve kept all of them in my inbox. Highley recommend! Sign up at the bottom of this page.
  • Literary agency Curtis Brown also have a sister wing to the agency, Curtis Brown Creative. They are delivering a Weekly Writing Workout, like a writing lesson delivered to your inbox each week. Also free! Sign up here.
  • Arvon writing retreats are well regarded in the writing world but obviously they are closed for in-person retreats. They’ve created an online programme of events. Some are free and some have a fee. Have a look here, Arvon At Home.
  • Reedsy has a huge list of resources for writers and those who are self publishing. Really you could sign up and do a new course with them for the rest of the year, there’s so many! Here is a list of the courses and here is a short story prompt generator. Really worth signing up.

Phew- I hope these eight places to try will stimulate your creativity. Have I missed anything, is there something you are trying online to stay creative? Please share.

Let me know if you sign up or try any.

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2 responses to “Writing Resources (most are free!)”

  1. Christopher Witty Avatar
    Christopher Witty

    Hi Susan. It’s Chris from Greenhouse Books.

    It’s quite difficult to stay focused on writing at the moment. I was writing every day up until about a week ago and now I’m suddenly feeling a bit dejected with it all. I’ve put this down to a break from workshopping at uni and an endless cycle of submitting stories to various periodicals.

    Your writing resources post has come at the right time – I think I’m in need of an injection of creativity to spur me on.

    I’ve just read your ‘Baby’ story. It’s blinding. Keep up the good work and take care.


    1. Hi Chris- so lovely to hear from you. And I’m thrilled that my collected resources might be helping. Let me know which ones you try? Also- thanks for your kind words about Baby, it’s a weird one, bourne from a workshop with Gaynor Jones last year. Take care x


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