Free Printable- Kids Covid19 Home School Timetable

The world is reeling from a virus that is sweeping through populations. Aside from my own thoughts about this, political, ecological and more, many of us are now facing home schooling our children for the near future.

As a former teacher and a very organised Virgo I wanted to contribute something that might make life a little easier?? Or not? We can but try.

Full disclosure, I spotted this timetable in an article on Mom Trends (find the useful article here), whom I believe originally found it in Black Parenting Magazine. I just wanted to make a version that is a little easier on the eye.

It’s not perfect- there are a couple of typos, and I took a couple of shortcuts creating it, but wanted to get this done quickly, just to get it out there. Click on Download to get the PDF version. If I update it/improve it will share again here.

Best of luck, we are all in this together. A moment in history that is literally changing the world as I type. Its okay to cry if you need to, its okay to have fun still too. Just do the best you can and don’t panic buy please!

Let me know if you use this timetable and if you need to chat, I’m on email at the envelope icon above and on social @susanearlam

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