Resilience & Revolution

Hello to a new decade, hello to a new year. Hello to YOU!

Resilience & Revolution are my words for 2020, I couldn’t choose one!

My shortlist looked like this;

  • Reign
  • Strength
  • Persist
  • Resilience
  • Tenacity
  • Revolt
  • Revolution

There’s a bit of a theme isn’t there?

Last year’s word was THRIVE, and I believe I did, read more on that here.

words of the year ~ 2020

Resilience because I need it. I believe we all need it at the moment, with the upheaval collectively. But, personally, I need it because I must keep going with my writing and submitting. Yes, I’m beginning to get rejections for the novel from agents, but it’s not so much the rejections (although, ouch) but the waiting to hear SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

So, I’ll continue writing my shorter stuff alongside the longer stuff (hello, second book) because these give me the endorphin boost I need to tackle the bigger projects.

Revolution (also another for the collective) because I plan to abandon the old ways of doing certain things, and I feel like 2020 is the start of a new era. Revolution feels very personal, like a mindset thing. Rising above some things, and approaching others in a new way; A different way of operating.

This may all sound pretty cryptic, and apologies if it does but I’m feeling my way into the new year, and these two words, I believe, will be my themes.

Do you have a theme/word for 2020?

If you want to try this idea, here are two resources;

word of the year
word(s) of 2020

I would love your input

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