Reflecting on my word of 2019

Hello! Its that time of the year again and I’m looking back at 2019, specifically my word of the year THRIVE.

I chose Thrive at the start of 2019 for my word of the year, because I wanted to use it as something to aim for. I was focused on the wellbeing side of it; the physical ways I can care for myself, along with the mental and spiritual side.

tarot for writers nervous system thrive and growth
Thrive- sustain and nurture.

It turns out, thriving can only be done if you are really taking care. Like a plant, we need the right conditions to grow and thrive. I’ve strived to create the right conditions for myself this year. At times its been hard, because 2019 has also been about discovering what those right conditions are.

But, this isn’t rocket science, its about listening to my intuition, listening when my body is trying to tell me something. Knowing I’ll feel better if I lie down for ten minutes in a quiet room. Knowing when I need a break from writing or creating and not feeling guilty for taking one. Knowing if I need a walk to see the sky or exercise to kick start my digestion.

I’ve focused more on editing and writing and reading than ever before. I’ve been published for some of my Flash Fiction, I’ve given talks on my journey from blogger to budding author. (Find link to those things here). I’ve helped people sort out their blogs and advised on where best to put effort in, and where not. I hope I’ve helped other Thrive too.

So, what is my word for 2020? I’ve a few ideas, I need to work through them and decide. Do you use a word for each year? I find it helps me focus and it gives me a theme to revisit if I’m flailing.

I would love your input

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