permission sleep to delete social media and get on with deep creative work

Permission Slip

Following on from my last post about chasing your dreams I wanted to go a little deeper on achieving goals, I need to go deeper myself. I’m also going to give you a permission slip, just in case you need one too.

My number one distraction is my phone and the world within it.

Sound familiar?

Emails, social media, text messaging, and work stuff. Things that make us busy, things that make us feel important perhaps. Needed. Or that we might miss out if we don’t keep up.

When you have taken your tiny baby steps (as I discussed here) there comes a moment where your investment in your dream, or goal, needs to get bigger. It needs to get bigger to tip it over into the realm of being something that you are going to achieve.

This doesn’t have to be a permanent state. Sometimes, we need a chunk of time to go deeper, without distractions. I want you to know that it’s okay to do just that, in whatever way works for you.

Of course, it’s not just our phones. There is a whole manner of ways we can distract ourselves from really putting the work in. We feel busy, so we must be being productive, right?

Ask yourself this when completing tasks;

  • Is it urgent? Or is it important?

Many things feel urgent, the Whatsapp chat that is moving at a million miles an hour. The endless Twitter feed. That boxed set on Netflix everyone’s talking about. But are these things really important? In the grand scheme of things are they a task that will contribute and help you achieve your dreams?

So, I am offering you a metaphorical Permission Slip to take a step back if you need to.  To avoid distractions and to go REALLY DEEP on that thing you really want.

This is why I’m removing social media from my phone for a while. I’ve had my book back from a brilliant editor and I need to get to work. I need to go deep and to not have the distraction of busy.

I might still be creating blog posts and definitely will be composing my monthly newsletter. I’ve mentioned before, I use the blog as a release or an outlet when the book side of my brain needs a rest. And the newsletter allows me to keep in touch with those who really want to hear from me and have a more personal conversation.

Do you need a Permission Slip right now? Or just to know that things/people/twitter/netflix, will still be there when you come back?

Go and work on your dreams.

See you soon!

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permission sleep to delete social media and get on with deep creative work

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