how to chase your dreams

How To Chase Your Dreams

That long-held dream of yours.

That cause that brings out the fighter in you.

The big creative project that you’ll do once you get time or retire or the kids start school.

Whatever it is I’m here to say, start it now.

Dedicate some time to it now. Start chasing your dreams now.

Start it before you feel ready. Before it’s too late. Because you have the time now, even though it may not feel like it. You have the time for the baby steps. The small, tiny steps that only you might know about.

The micro-steps that might take 15 minutes of your day.

Get up a bit earlier. Go to bed a little later. Take a tiny step whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or while on your commute. Consider what the small steps can be. Break down what you want to achieve and work backwards.

Could it be listening to a particular podcast? For you, it might mean joining your local library and ordering some books on a topic? Could it be seeking out people doing similar things to what you want to, and figuring out how they did it?

It could be that you want to start creating something. Use the small moments in time to just start. Do something towards that dream. Maybe you could use the notes function in your phone to jot down some ideas for a book whilst waiting in line for the post office?

If your big dream is to have a capsule wardrobe, for example, just start with one drawer. Don’t try and do the whole thing all at once.

Perhaps you want to do more for the environment. Make small lifestyle changes, one at a time. This way you don’t get overwhelmed with the task. It becomes more manageable, sustainable and more attainable.

Start today and this time next year, I promise you’ll be in a completely different place.

Go for it!

Worth watching on this topic: Brene Brown’s The Call to Courage on Netflix.

how to chase your dreams

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