tips on how to be more eco friendly

Sustainable Changes for the Environment

This post features gifted items (pillows).

We are way past the point of arguing if Global Warming is a fact.

We are way past being able to ignore the plastic bottles whose number is swelling in our seas.

We have to question everything. And I know it is hard. I know that changes are easier to make if you are in a privileged position. I also know that doing something is better than doing nothing.

So today I just wanted to share with you a handful of things I’ve changed over the last six months or so. It might give you some inspiration to make some changes in your life.

I’ve always been a big re-user. Repurposing things too. One of the reasons I love vintage and second-hand is that I’m not asking big corporations to make more of something by buying new all the time.

tips on how to be more eco friendly

Onto what I’ve changed. I’ll also add that I wanted these changes to be sustainable for me, and us as a family too, as well as the environment. Which is why I’ve taken a while over this post.

This isn’t a frivolous trend, this is a lifestyle change and we all need to start somewhere.


 Safety razor– yep, an old fashioned butterfly opening one. With actual razor blades. I promise you they aren’t as scary as you expect. I get a much better/closer shave with mine and regrowth isn’t as itchy. I spent about £15 and that included two packs of blades. Obviously, be sensible, keep it out of reach of kids etc. You’ll need to take it slowly for a while but it soon becomes normal. No more throwaway plastic razors!

Reusable sanitary towels. Wait, what?? Not awful. Not messy. Not what you think or expect. I was sick of buying sanitary protection every month. All that plastic wrapping, even on the eco ones! I’d been down the Mooncup route, which I really wanted to work but whether it’s my tilted womb or my endometriosis, I just couldn’t get it to work for me. So I found some reusable sanitary towels and haven’t looked back. These ones.

Milk deliveries. Self-explanatory. As much as I’d like all the family to switch to plant milk, we aren’t there yet. At least we’ve cut down massively on our plastic, I love the glass bottles too!

Sourcing new pillows. The mister and I had had our last pillows for a few years. Well past the two year “past it” deadline. But imagine this, the population getting new pillows every two years. Again, I’m going to mention privilege here, because not everyone in the world uses or can afford pillows, never mind change them every couple of years. But even with the ones that do and can, that number is a huge amount of used pillows just tossed away? I’ve not even started on what many pillows are filled with, hollow fibre, a type of polyester, which takes ages to rot down (think of the landfill). Anyway, I don’t have all the answers here, just what I’ve experienced. One place you can take your old pillows to be reused is your local animal shelter. Make sure you call them first! More info here.

I was gifted the Luxury Cotton Pillows from Soak and Sleep, with 80% cotton and 20% microfibre, it makes me feel a little better. They should also last longer than 100% polyester fibre ones.

Lush products. I’ve been a fan of Lush since the nineties when they did it all by Mail Order and there were hardly any shops. It’s changed loads but I really admire their packaging ethos.

  • Jason And The Argan Oil Shampoo Bar- lasts AGES
  • Boom! Toothy Tabs- not 100% sure on these. I was wanting to use less plastic but they come in a plastic container. Would be better in a cute refillable tin. Also great for pretending you’re in a zombie film and have black goo oozing out of your mouth.
  • The Greeench Deodorant Powder. I like this but has found it isn’t quite enough at certain times of the month. I’m going to persevere. Again lasts for ages.
  • No Drought Dry Shampoo. I’ve had this bottle for around 18 months and I’ve not even used a quarter of it yet. I’m convinced it’s going to last me forever.

(edited to add one more)

Wax wraps. I totally forgot about these as they’ve become so second nature now. So much better than cling film!

What changes to your habits have you been able to make regarding being more eco-conscious?

how to be more eco and sustainable

4 responses to “Sustainable Changes for the Environment”

  1. Hi susie!
    I love this post! So many good tips and I had no idea reusable ST’s were a thing!!!! I want to try mooncips but I’ve always been a bit nervous!
    Also, I recommend flannels rather than face wipes! Better for your face and the environment! Xxx


    1. Yes! I use flannels already- probably should’ve mentioned that too. Be brave!


  2. LOL I can’t remember the last time we changed our pillows. Which is terrible, but we wash them and they were quite expensive when we bought them so I’d hoped the quality was good. We use flannels, stick to cotton bags and where possible try not to add to plastic waste. I just wish more supermarkets would do something about their packaging.


  3. What a great post some of these suggestions made me wanna go out and change up out of nostalgia alone!!


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