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AD- Tile Giant X Victoria Baths

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know one of my favourite places in Manchester is Victoria Baths.

It won hearts on the BBC’s Restoration programme and my mum used to swim there as a young girl. It hosts pop up cinema events, weddings (here’s one I went to), vintage fairs and lots more. Last year they even managed to fill one of the pools and I went for a swim! I’ve also visited for a memorable travelling chair blog campaign here.


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I was thrilled to find out late last year that Tile Giant had paid a visit to Victoria Baths and had felt as inspired as I often do there. They used the Baths textures, motifs and colours to create a range of tiles.

One of the great things about this collaboration is that Victoria Baths get a percentage of each sale of the tiles too.

Which means the restoration can be continued, there is still so much work to be done!

vintage victorian tiles mood board green bathroom idea

I’ve created a mood board with a selection of the tiles, this is the type of inspiration I’d be looking at if we had a bigger bathroom. I’d use the subway tiles vertically and perhaps even have an ombre effect going on, as there is more than one shade of green tile. I love the green tiles at Victoria Baths and to be able to create my own version of it for a dream bathroom project would be amazing.

victoria baths tile giant vintage tiles

I’d fill it with natural textures and lots of plants, creating a lushly layered effect. Green on green, on green. The floor would be the Tile Giant X Victoria Baths Terrazzo style tiles, a timeless look in flooring.

The mockup above is the first time I’ve done one of these, I know it’s not perfect. I really wanted you to get a feel of what I would create.

Taking influences from the tones of tiled floors in Rome and combining them with the leafy greens. I imagine this bathroom would be somewhere I’d never want to leave.

terrazzo tiles for bathroom

Used here;

I’d love to know what you think of this range and my ideas?

To bring home a little bit of a grand Victorian building and live in it every day? Yes, please.

vintage tiles victoria baths and tile giant

9 responses to “AD- Tile Giant X Victoria Baths”

  1. I love this!!! It gives me so much joy seeing all these tiles! Xxx


    1. Have you visited yet Kirsty? You totally need to!


  2. freshdesignblog Avatar

    This collaboration is such a nice idea and there are some gorgeous tiles inspired by the Victoria Baths. I like your moodboard idea for using lots of textures and green, a lovely combination.


    1. Thanks! If you ever visit – do let me know


  3. Decorating our bathroom is on our to do list and I love the tiles in this post. I really wanna do something a bit unique in ours so this post is really helpful, thanks!

    Ruth ruth-writes co uk


    1. You are most welcome!


  4. What a lovely idea, I love that each sale will give a little something back. I also love the building, it is one of my favourites.

    Keeley x


    1. Such a great place isn’t it!


  5. I’m obsessed with these tiles! I want to redecorate now that I’ve seen all this. Amazing inspo! Thank you!


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