Money Mantras

As part of my 2019 mission to THRIVE this year, I’ve been looking at my relationship with money.

More to the point, I’ve decided to do something about it.

I’m happiest finding answers in books, so I read You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. A book that had been recommended to me several times by different people.

Feelings of awkwardness, self- worth, and safety around money have been pulled to the surface after reading. And I’ve not quite reached the end of the book.

Mantras play a big part in Jen’s methods.

FYI- the definition of mantra is;

1. A mantra is a word or phrase repeated by Buddhists and Hindus when they meditate, or to help them feel calm.
2. You can use mantra to refer to a statement or a principle that people repeat very often because they think it is true, especially when you think that it not true or is only part of the truth.

The idea is that the repetition of a mantra can help you retrain your brain to think about something in a different way. In a more positive way. It’s also a way of checking in with yourself, reminding yourself about the bigger picture.

money mantras mindset abundance

Getting into a negative thought loop is easy to do, especially about money. Having a mantra helps you break the cycle of negativity.

So I’ve collected and come up with some of my own mantras about money and thought I’d share them with you. Let me know if any resonate. Please feel free to print your favourite out and pin it up somewhere you can see it every day.

Further info;


Money Mantras

Having money isn’t vulgar

Money helps me treat the people I love

Money aids me in caring for my loved ones

(scroll down for more)

more money is on the way mantra

Money puts a roof over our head and food in our mouths

Money means I have more choices

Money helps me choose something better

my money is coming mantras

Money helps me see the world

Money helps me save the world

Money means I can give to charity and help those in need

I love money

money mantras manifesting

Money is a pleasure to spend

Spending money helps the economy and keeps people in work

Money pays for education

I deserve to have enough money for the things I need for a pleasurable life

positive money mindset

Money is attracted to me

I’m worth more

I want to make money faster than I can spend it

More money is on the way to me

money helps me choose something better

I respect money

I have more money than I can spend

I will have an abundance of wealth

I am attracting money now

The money is coming

money mantras for printing

15 responses to “Money Mantras”

  1. Ahh these are fantastic and many of them are my own mantras around money. Loved Jen Cincero’s book (I have read/listened to it about 3 times now, maybe more) and highly recommend the Money & Manifesting course that Sarah does in NBBS. I think having a community of like-minded people is a huge part of keeping those vibrations nice and high and the exercises and encouragement has completely changed my mindset around money over the last year. I’M A WEALTH MAGNET – that’s one of my favourites LOL! xxx


    1. Kimberly thanks- I think it was you who mentioned Sarah’s work on ££$$ to me xx


  2. Interestingvreas. I havent read the book but maybe I will give it a try. Great Mantras


    1. Ah thanks so much!


  3. another interesting read as usual Susan. I’d never thought about doing matras about money – I think I need read Jen’s book – money is about safety for me and I know I get that from my mum.


    1. Her book is brilliant- discuss parents cash views etc!


  4. I literally adore (and will be changing my phone background)to all of these!


    1. Awww that’s lovely of you! Glad they are useful! Maybe I’ll make some more x


  5. I only just recently started (again) morning meditation, mantras and positive thinking. It’s been a week and works like magic! I’m so glad I found my way back to this, my life is a lot more balanced and happier than before. It definitely works 🙂


    1. It’s easy to drift away from the habit, isn’t it? Nice to have reminders x


  6. These are great, and I really could use them this year myself! I’ll be trying out a few the next time I meditate..


  7. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful content.


  8. These are fantastic mantra’s, changing your mindset around money works wonders. This year I’m learning to value my worth after years of under charging and feeling almost apologetic for charging for a service.


    1. So many people do the same. Hope you get there x


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