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Slowing Down for December

This year has been huge for me in terms of chasing my dreams of writing a book.

I did it, I wrote a novel! I’m now nearly halfway through rewriting it, jiggling it around until it makes sense to someone that isn’t me.

The blogging side of my life has changed a lot. It’s no longer the be all and end all. I do still love this corner of the internet and although this year has been less fruitful financially then previous years, 2018 has bore fruit in other ways. Ways beyond my online life.

December is here and although I’m still working on my rewrite I’m also taking things a little slower, ready to wind down after a season of productivity.

Although the majority of said productivity is still unseen by the outside world, be sure, I am ready for a rest.

These past few weeks have seen me join in with a few activities online. Generally I’m much more of a solo artist than member of a group, but after some hermit style months at the start of 2018 I’ve felt the need to reconnect with the online/outside world.

I tried to Blog Every Day in November, you might’ve noticed my flurry of blog posts at the start of last month? I think I got to around twelve blog posts, with skeletons of enough written drafts to fill the rest of November, but I stopped short of completing the challenge. I came to realise that I was giving away all my writing juices to the blog posts, and running out of gas, and time, for my rewrite. I was happy to step away, having learnt an important lesson about my own creativity.

cosy december reflections

I also took part in an Instagram Stories Challenge. For those of you that aren’t on Instagram, Stories are a behind the scene look at a persons business or life. Often much more candid and less styled/curated than grid photography. Talking to the camera is a key way of connecting to your Story viewers, people, myself included, love to see the real life face behind the Instagram account, and hear the real voice of the person writing the captions. So this was a talking to camera challenge organised by my friend Katya.

I found it did help me get used to chatting to camera. Katya gave us prompts of things to talk about, which is often half the battle when doing stuff like that for me. She is running another right now, so if you’d like to join in and get out of your comfort zone, find her on Instagram here.

Almost finally, something else I’m joining in with for the month of December is Susannah Conway’s December Reflections. I’m doing it in a very “no pressure” way which fits in perfectly with me needing to slow things down. I love the idea of taking the whole month of December to look back with her prompts. I’ll be using them for writing in my journal, or on here (maybe), or as they are intended in the first instance, through photography.

Lastly, something I’ve been pondering on, as I know a lot of my friends have too, is my use of Facebook. I know I need to have a presence on there for my writing and future plans, but it has changed so much from when I first joined around 2005/2006. I could easily write a whole piece on my thoughts about it. I feel tied to it in some ways, things like school PTA, and friends and family I don’t see often. I rarely update my personal page, and if I do it’s usually from “on this day last year” photos. So perhaps closing down my personal page but keeping my blogging/writing page is the answer?

I’d love to know how you are spending December and if you’ve any ideas about Facebook, please do share them below.

december 2018 susan earlam

13 responses to “Slowing Down for December”

  1. Well done for finishing your first draft! So exciting! I need to get back to mine
    Deb @


    1. Thanks so much Debs! I don’t think I knew you were writing a book?


      1. No I haven’t really spoke about it to be honest. It’s a YA fantasy series of 4 and I’ve written 3 out of 4 currently. They need a lot of work before they’re perfect but I was thinking of uploading my first 3 chapters to my blog. We shall see haha watch this space!


      2. Wow- hats off to you! That is a LOT of work!


  2. Hi lovely, I’m not certain, I guess there must be ways around it though. I’m going to investigate


  3. I too have changed my recent opinion of Facebook. I’ve gone from using it constantly to barely using it at all – as you said, it’s changed so much. The most I do on it these days is a few paid ads – that’s for my blog page, my personal page rarely gets a look any more. The only reason I don’t delete it altogether is because of ‘network effect’ – everyone I know is on there. I wish there was a viable alternative but there isn’t, not for everyone one I know. My 60+ year old aunt’s and uncles are not going to hop over to Instagram or Snapchat!
    Well done on your writing by the way. You are very dedicated to be able to commit to doing a daily piece. I wish I had that kind of motivation!


    1. Hi Emma- thanks or stopping by, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my feelings on FB, it makes you wonder how we all got on before it existed!


  4. The Instastories challenge sounds right up my street! Good luck with the rewrite and I hope you have a lovely Christmas x


    1. Thanks Nicola! And you xx


  5. You seem really chilled and in control Susan. I’ve definitely had the running on empty issue this year, so I want to reprioratise my life for 2019. Exciting times for the book! Merry Christmas x


    1. Oh my goodness – thanks! I don’t feel it! Hope you have a relaxing Christmas x


  6. Susie! I’m so proud of you!!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!!!


  7. I feel like I’ve had a similar year to you Susie, and a continuation of the previous one where I took a backseat from the blog and tried to focus on other interests (including writing my own novel). It sounds like we’ve both had a lot of satisfaction from stepping away from the online world a bit. Here’s to 2019! xxx


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