how to read more books

8 Ways to Read More Books

Promising myself I read more Fiction this year is one of the best things I’ve done for my mental health. The escapism, the ritual, and the quiet. It’s brilliant, but it can be challenging to carve out the time.

Today I’m sharing some tips on how to read more books.

It’s also been great for my writing too. I get ideas on formatting, points of view, character development and story arcs.

As you know I’m a huge advocate of libraries and reading actual books. There have been many studies that the two different ways of reading work very differently, the general consensus being we absorb and retain information better when it’s not digitally consumed.

There’s also the smell and feel of a book, I’ve always been a kinesthetic learner and the sense of touch and physically holding something (in the case a book) really floats my boat.

So how to read more books?

Here are my tips;

  1. Always have a book with you. In your bag, in your car, in your office drawer. Which brings me too…
  2. Read more than one book at once! I promise you, you won’t get confused 😉
  3. Have a list of books you want to get through, like setting yourself a challenge or a target.
  4. Read in a genre you love. Don’t be shy, whatever does it for you.
  5. Join a book club, online or in real life. Knowing you can chat about the book you’re reading is a great incentive,
  6. Make a routine. Instead of scrolling through your phone for 15 minutes in bed, read a book instead. Morning or night, or both!
  7. Don’t waste valuable reading time with a book you don’t love. I did this recently, ended up giving up halfway through. Life is too short for reading books you don’t enjoy.
  8. Track what you read, I do this on Goodreads and I love seeing the progress I’m making.

Will you try reading more books?

how to read more books


8 responses to “8 Ways to Read More Books”

  1. So many of these tips are spot on!!!! It’s so hard to learn to stop reading a book which isn’t for you, but honestly if I don’t like I book, it just makes me not want to read and that’s not a good thing! Also I do get a bit confused if I read too many books at once! Ps. Don’t judge but one of my fave books ever is valley of the dolls!


    1. I’ve never read that Kirsty! Thanks for stopping by


  2. Oh I love all these tips! I have to admit, I’ve never considered reading more than one book at a time – I can barely squeeze in time for one but perhaps I’m missing a trick there 😉 I purchased a new book by a favourite author almost a month ago now (84K by Claire North) and I still haven’t cracked it open! Your blog post has reminded me that I should be carrying it everywhere with me – great tip! xx


    1. Ah thanks so much, I found creating a routine for reading probably helped me the most xx


  3. These are all such good ideas and I’m pretty sure i used to do a few of them pre-kids. I spend far too much time uselessly scrolling on my phone when I could be reading and I totally agree that reading is one of the best ways to improve your own writing. I’m going to give this a go. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. I think the Kindle and the Kindle apps for phones/ipad etc have made books even more accessible in daily life, as you can easily dip in when you want, without having to always lug a book around with you. Prior to my Kindle, I always used to keep a paperback under the seat in the car for times when I had a few minutes to spare. As well as reading, apps like Audible are excellent for being able to listen to books – I love listening whilst cooking or washing up, for example (if I try and listen at night though, I invariably doze off!).


    1. I agree- about the falling to sleep part! But yes, kindle etc has helped. I don’t enjoy books as much when reading them in that way, but I totally appreciate your point!


  5. I love having multiple books on the go! And you’re right, you don’t ever get confused 🙂
    Debs @


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