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Mother’s Little Helper

Today’s prompt for #BEDN (Blog Every Day in November) is Health.

I thought I’d share what supplements I take and why. Vitamins and supplements can be expensive and although I prefer to use vegan brands, sometimes they are outside of my price bracket. Offers like 3 for 2, or buy one get one for a penny, make using supplements and vitamins much more affordable.

FYI, I’ve no medical training, this information is my opinion and what works for me.

My current supplement intake looks like this;

  • Starflower Oil (high strength) also known as Borage Seed Oil.

Currently, I’m on Superdrug’s own brand which can be found here. This gives me GLA and Vitamin E. I’ve taken Starflower oil on and off for years. More on than off because I find it really helps with PMS and it does make a difference to my skin, my eczema flares far less.

  • Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc combined

I don’t take this all the time, but I try to remember during the colder months. Zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system, and because I don’t eat dairy products I feel like the Calcium is only going help. The magnesium is also an insurance policy as many women my age are deficient. I’m using this one which is vegan.

  • Agnus Castus

Now I’ve bee told (and read) that this herb would really help me, for years. I’m not sure why it took me so long to try it. I have endometriosis, get heavy and painful periods and rage/tearful PMS. Originally I tried the Agnus Castus in a tincture, which is the more traditional way of taking it. But, I found this method fiddly and kept forgetting to add it to my morning routine, it works best if you take it at the same time each day. When I found these and read the great reviews I thought I’d give them a whirl. It’s only been a month so probably too early to say, but I feel on more of an even keel mood wise.

  • Vitamin D

This one is new to me. The sunshine vitamin; exactly why I’ve decided to take it this year. I’m only a week in with them, so too early to say if they are helping. Although I love Autumn and early Winter, by the time January and February come round I start to feel what must be Seasonal Affective Disorder creeping in. I think that probably tallies with how a lot of people feel at that time of year. I’m speculating it must be when the Vit D is the most depleted after a few months of shorter days. So check back with me early 2019! These are what I bought.

  • Vitamin B Complex

I’ve actually just realised writing this that I normally take a Vit B complex. I must have run out over summer and forgot to repurchase. Will do so ASAP. I take this (normally) as a booster, again because of my diet, but it’s also good for women generally as it helps with tiredness and hormonal imbalance.

What supplements and vitamins do you take?

staying healthy with supplements
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  1. Loving these posts. As soon as I get my health stuff sorted/know what’s going etc, I’m going to go ape with vitamins! Bookmarked to check back later x


    1. Wish you well with your current situation lovely xx


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