Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Buys


I’ve not done one of these for ages, a What To Wear post. As I’ve just packed away my Spring/Summer clothes and brought out the Autumn/Winter, it’s a the forefront of my mind and I thought I’d share some thoughts on what I’ve learnt so far.

You see since purging my wardrobe last year and Working on My Capsule Wardrobe I haven’t been buying nearly as many clothes (including shoes/bags). Not that I bought lots anyway, but now it’s more like one or two items every 4-6 months and even these are deeply considered.

So as you probably are aware, the theory of a capsule wardrobe is that having less choice in your wardrobe means you actually have more to wear and each piece works harder.

Now, I’m no minimalist, and my version of a capsule wardrobe is probably more expansive than a capsule purist.

consuming less and building a capsule wardrobe

Heres the thing though, with each change in season, I pack away the newly unpractical and bring out the more weather appropriate items.

And I purge again.

Obviously not huge amounts like that first time, but a hat or two here, a blouse there, sports leggings that didn’t quite fit and so on. Having this semi-regular contact with the items in my wardrobe means that I don’t have things lingering and taking up space when they are no longer needed. There’s no point packing something away to then dig it out again in six months if it doesn’t fit, or is beyond repair, or just isn’t you anymore.

Funnily enough, I usually end up doing this on, or near, an equinox, like this weekend was the Autumn equinox. The Spring one here in the Northen hemisphere is the 20th March 2019, so why not mark that day in your diary and aim to try putting away your Autumn/Winter stuff on that date?

So onto what I have bought;

This khaki dress, its one of my favourite colours and I know I’ll get loads of wear out of it. On its own or layered as I’ve been wearing it on the recent chillier days. It’s similar to a skirt I already have, and wear a lot (see the skirt and some cool street art here). Along with a pair of much longed for Dr Marten’s 1460 Smooth in Black.

Have you tried purging your wardrobe? Or have you bought anything lately that you know will last ages?

dr martens as part of a capsule wardrobe

3 responses to “Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Buys”

  1. Honestly… black dM’s are essential at any age!!!!!


  2. My thoughts exactly!


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