The Nora Mattress and a Kids Bedroom update

  • this post is in collaboration with Wayfair, all opinions my own obviously 

Hello dear readers!

How are you? I’ve had a little writing break and I’m back feeling revived.

Today I’m sharing an interiors post. Something I feel like I haven’t done for ages. 

(I got a tad distracted by my novel, more on that soon.)

wayfair nora mattress kids room

I’m collaborating with Wayfair on this post, a brand I’ve worked with in the past, and bought from independently. They are somewhere I often visit online for their wide choice of homeware ranges, at affordable prices. Wayfair sent me The Nora Mattress and I wanted to share a bit about the bedroom itself too.

This is where we are up to with my youngest daughters room. The needs of children, and therefore their environments change so much in the early years. Going from a cot to toddler bed to a proper bed is one of the major changes.

Kids bedrooms are continual works in progress.

ideas for small kids bedrooms

kids rooms small ideas

nora mattress review in kids room

The Nora Mattress arriving is perfect timing for us.

Let me tell you a little about this space. It’s small for a start. One of the walls is a stud wall. The house is so old, it was probably one big room at the back of the house, which then was split at some point in the past. We’ve found it’s not ideal for screwing into (understatement of the year).

On moving into the property, in 2013 and this room housed a horrible carpet (a theme in this house) and walls that looked like they’d been used as a dartboard.

When Elizabeth was smaller, with just a cot and a small wardrobe, the layout of the room didn’t really cause any problems. It was only when we started measuring up for where a single bed would, or could, go that I really had to get my thinking cap on about how to use the space as best as we could.

This involved moving a radiator and a few trips to Ikea for their space saving ideas.

algot system used as desk

In fact, thinking about it, this room has probably seen the most changes of any of the spaces in our home.

But because they are smaller and haven’t ever taken over the whole house, it’s never felt like a huge effort (apart from when we sanded the floor).

So, it’s had a few different guises as she’s grown and this is how it is currently.

Thanks to Wayfair and the brand new Nora mattress, the most important part of the room is now finished. Only minus a proper headboard (currently using part of an äpplarö wall panel from Ikea, a spur of the moment hack and it sort of works for now). I think I’m going to make something for a headboard over the summer.

girls small bedroom

My daughter (aged four and a half) says the bed makes her feel like a Princess. She couldn’t wait to get into it on the first night. She will retreat into bed now if she’s tired or had a fall out with her elder sister. It is a real haven for her.

I must admit when I’ve lain on the mattress myself it’s incredibly soft, it almost hugs you, but not in a, I’m sinking way.

There are four layers of foam and a cooling cover to regulate body heat, ensuring that great night’s sleep kids really need.

It’s also reassuring to know that we have 100 days to change our minds. I cant see that happening though!

If you are interested in the Nora Mattress, Wayfair has 20% introductory promotional prices on these mattresses, so a standard single is currently £279.99, double £359.99 and king £439.99

35 thoughts on “The Nora Mattress and a Kids Bedroom update”

  1. Awww don’t you get emotional when they move into a big girl bed? Hate how fast they grow up! Looks lovely though – we’ve gone for a very similar mattress for Luna and I think moving away from springed mattresses is a great idea for kids. Love the little desk space too – it’s genius xx


  2. Ahhh seems we are all about the mattress at the moment. I’ve just posted about one too ! A good quality mattress and supportive bed frame is so important for children and adults alike x


  3. Oh hello Nora 🙂 thought I recognised the mattress. I got one as well (also for the kid’s room) but I have cheekily also tested it out myself with a power nap here and there, lol!


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