A Photoshoot at Home

Recently I had the pleasure of being the subject of a photoshoot at my home. Today I wanted to share a taster of the shots.

I’d known of Alex‘s work through the Manchester blogging scene and could see he held himself to a high standard. I love the tones and the earthiness of his images. He seems to capture a faraway, dreamy vibe whilst still being very much in the moment, grounded in realism.

If you are a regular reader you’ll know I’m in the midst of writing a novel. My first one. My initial draft is almost complete and we wanted to capture the change in me, somehow. The evolution going on inside my head.

Alexander Ward photographer. Susan Earlam withlong hair with fringe bangs

I’ve written before about how coaching was the catalyst that pushed me down this (I’m going to write a book!) path. A path I’d always known was there but had simply ignored, or thought it wasn’t for me.

Stephen King’s book On Writing was also a key component of me actually thinking the stories in my head could, and should, go down on paper. I’m clutching it in the shot below.

book inspiration peacock chair in library lifestyle

Shooting with Alex at my home was brilliant. He is decisive, patient and snappy (pun intended). We’d met up beforehand to chat about the shoot and I’d sent over some images so he had an idea of what the inside and outside of my house looked like. We got through three sets/areas of my home in four hours, which I think is some kind of record.

I really am just showing you a snippet of the photographs here. There were loads to choose from and loads I liked. I’d managed not to look like too much of a goofball, which is always a bonus and I think it is totally down to Alex and his guidance.

purple front door

We showcased my home without it being an interiors shoot, which was very refreshing.

writers lifestyle by Alexandar Ward Photography

arbour in bohemian english country garden

susan earlam writer at home

I even got my own Beyonce moment!

peacock chair with plants

Okay, okay, enough already! I hear you! You’ll see more from this shoot over the coming months and further into the future. For now, I’d love to know which shot or set you prefer from the above?


Photography- Alexander Ward Photography

Assistant/stylist- Karen from Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Location- my house

Plants- a mixture of my own and some from Plant Shop Manchester in Stockport. Which tbh is where 90% of my own plants have originated from anyway. Go and visit!


39 thoughts on “A Photoshoot at Home”

  1. What a stunning shoot, you look so happy in your home habitat! I’m looking forward to seeing a few more shots! x


  2. Oh these are gorgeous shots – I can totally understand why you chose Alex to work with, his style is so YOU and he’s captured you beautifully. I adore the one of you in the doorway and the one of you on the stairs but there are so many beautiful shots, it’s hard to choose 😉 xxx


  3. What a fabulous post! I love the way you have captured your home in such a natural and authentic way! That collection of plants along the stairwell is just gorgeous! I love plant’s but usually I like to keep them to a collection of a few faves! I think you have just convinced me otherwise… I’ve officially just been influenced! In this case… more is most certainly more! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oh I didn’t know you were writing a novel, how exciting! Best of luck with that! You must be pretty pleased the draft is ready! Fab photos, the one with you at the table is my favourite!


  5. I love this post! Excited for your book and also the creativity of the images. LOVE the one on the stairs with your plants. I really want to be a plant lady! X


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