On Taking a Break

Hello! I’m taking a break, a moment away from what the last part of a marathon must feel like. The novel writing is taking over my life!

Let me explain;

This weekend I was forced, willing so really, to leave my strict writing schedule and jump in the car with one of my best buddies’ and head to Wales for the weekend.

country cottage garden in wales

And you know what? At the time I didn’t think I needed a break. I thought I was okay, that I was coping well underneath my self-inflicted regime of writing.

The truth is last week I was flagging and I needed refreshment. Just like those marathon runners who pour bottles of water over themselves, I needed to be revitalised.

reading susan earlam wales holiday travel blogger

It turns out this weekend was the perfect tonic. Chatting with women I’ve known for years, sharing our hopes, dreams and deepest fears about different aspects of our lives. Receiving unconditional support for the path that you are choosing, well that, dear reader is the best tonic. I also dug out my tarot cards and did a few readings, which was so much fun, if not a little spookily accurate.

I’ve shared before how I have found it difficult to explain to people what I’m doing, but the more I talk about it the easier it gets. The barriers are all in my own mind, not theirs.

We stayed at Wild Meadow which is just outside of Presteigne.

wild meadow cottage wales

I must add that this is not a collaborative post at all, it’s just a lovely spot that is worth shouting about. 

The forecast for the weekend was good all over the Uk and we couldn’t believe our luck with the weather.

I chose the downstairs bedroom because I knew I’d probably be up early. That way I could fix myself some breakfast without waking anyone, and that is exactly what I did. I never sleep in for long on holiday. Time is so short when you’re away and on this occasion, the time was completely my own. I got up and did some writing in my notebook whilst sat outside. Bliss!

early morning writing time whilst on holiday

The holiday consisted of eating drinking and chatting mostly. The surrounding areas were really sweet and sleepy towns, right on the borders of England and Wales. I must give a mention to two places that we loved and discovered on Saturday.

  • The Cattleshed part of Penrhos Court. Incredible food!! We had a lovely lunch here. They are currently renovating the hotel so are just using a Facebook page at the moment until they open fully but the food is brilliant.
  • The Workhouse Gallery and cafe. Strange location on an industrial estate, but once you are inside, just stunning and well worth seeking out!

If you want to see more of Wales through my lens then please check out Llangollen which I visited last year.

oranges in wrappers and seasonal rhubarb in wales

30 thoughts on “On Taking a Break”

  1. This was such a lovely post, and I could not agree more – a change of scenery can give you a TOTALLY new perspective and refresh your mind. I love Wales so much 🙂


  2. This sounds wonderful! We’ve a week in the Lakes booked for some quiet time, but that’s not til September. I’ll have to look into something sooner I think and this isn’t too far from us x


  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous Sus! I’m totally the same though. Keep going and going and going until I stop and only then do I realise how exhausted I am. Brilliant that you’re doing so well with your writing but even better than it’s been broken up with some good old fashioned getaway catchups xx


  4. Oh how wonderful! I know you were using it as a chance to switch off but me and a couple of friends are looking for somewhere to stay to use it as a bit of a writers’ retreat weekend. This place is lovely xx


  5. What a beautiful place! I would love to do something like this with my running buddies. We could find some pretty trails in the day and sip wine in the evening! The novel writing sounds really exciting; I have a few plots in my mind and enjoy writing fiction, but have never got very far with it – maybe one day I will! X


  6. Oh what a gorgeous break! I love visiting Wales, I find it so incredibly refreshing and relaxing and it looks like it was just what was needed for you. Sounds gorgeous and your pics are lovely xxx


  7. small world! Been going to Llangolen for years, staying at a cottage within the grounds of Chirk Castle. First went there while pregnant with George, then after he was born and then again last Christmas – it is a magical place. We all need regular breaks from blogging – just like we need them from our regular workplace! Hope you feel better now!


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