Collected thoughts on blogging/writing

Today I’m sharing a few blog posts I’ve loved recently.

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, writing and creativity. On my quest to write a novel, and it be imperfectly perfect, I’ve found it hard to avoid online distractions.

As my work (blog stuff) is basically on the internet and creative writing is on my laptop; temptation is waiting, just a click away. Lately, I’ve been feeling rather torn between the two things and these articles have really helped me.

Some weeks I’ve been on a roll with the first draft of the book. Other weeks its been like pulling teeth and I’m (as much as I hate to admit it) actively looking for a distraction.

The blogging world has changed so much since I first started back in 2010. Like many others, I’ve found a definite drop in visitors and other types of website stats over the last year, and to be honest, it’s great to know I’m not alone in this.

Many people are reading Instagram posts over blog content. Choosing to consume snippets of short-form content over long-form blog posts. I find that there is a definite difference in the age of my Instagram followers to the age of my blog readers. It’s easy to generalise, but the younger age group seem to prefer the shorter, snappier stuff, and the blog audience is more my own age, late thirties and early forties. This might say more about our lifestyles than our attention span, but it could easily be a mixture of both.

After tentatively sharing what I’ve been up to over the past few months I’ve realised that a lot of my contemporaries are branching out more and more from blogging. Going beyond the blog and using it as a stepping stone into something else, or the vehicle to help them get to their goal. On the flipside, some are realising that although they love blogging, they need more of a challenge and they are pivoting in a completely new direction, their blogs growing with them.

This is a huge topic and like most things in life, you adapt to survive. I won’t be giving up my corner of the web, but to be able to diversify and be open to getting out of my comfort zone is liberating.

I want to avoid distraction, yet don’t want to lose touch with my readers, my posse, my crew. So if I’m not around on social much please don’t think I’ve jacked it all in, I’m just running with the momentum of other stuff.

Without further ado, here are the brilliant and thoughtful posts;

Is Blogging Dying? (And haven’t they been saying this for years?) by A Bookish Baker. Helen has some fantastic and perceptive thoughts in this post including how people consume content now and the fact we might be competing with ourselves.

Why Abandoning Your Blog for Social Media is a Huge Mistake by Catherine from Not Lamb. It seems many are abandoning blogs to concentrate on social media, here’s why it’s not a good idea. Spoiler- you don’t own the content!

Why I Won’t Be Quitting My Blog by Elizabeth Dhokia discusses why her blog will always be her hub, her home online.

How to Avoid Distraction when you’re Striving for Personal or Professional Success by Natasha Denness. Natasha coached me during the last quarter of 2017 and it’s partly down to her that I’m now nearly halfway through a first draft. This post reminds me that we can all only do so much with the time we have and to be wise about how we use it, especially when you have a specific goal in mind.

Stay in Lane – How To Focus On Your Goals and Ignore Other’s Success by Elizabeth Dhokia. Elizabeth’s musings again! I love this post for sharing thoughts about comparison and how just because you are able to do something doesn’t mean you should. I had an idea for an ebook for most of last year. I’ve even written most of it and designed the front cover. I still might go back and finish it but after stepping away from it for a while I realised that it didn’t feel like me. It wasn’t the right path, my path.

And finally, I saw this thread on Twitter (I’m here btw), and I was planning to write a post about my feelings about blogging in 2018, and it spoke so loudly to me that I just had to include it here.

Screengrabbed with permission from Erin Loechner, you can see the original thread here but for those of you not on Twitter here you go. Erin blogs at Design for Mankind and has a book out called Chasing Slow 

Apologies if this is super small, I’m hoping it’ll be fine!

PS- this post is rather rambling, so apologies for that! Hope you still find it interesting and useful.

PPS- I’m going to take the Easter school holidays off with the kiddo’s. So there will be a short break, have a good one, probably see you on Instagram!

41 thoughts on “Collected thoughts on blogging/writing”

  1. Thanks for sharing these links, I’m looking forward to a good lunchtime read! I agree the direction of blogging/sharing is changing but love writing too much to give it up in favour of smaller snippets. I’ll continue to strive for a balance between Instagram musings and longer blog posts. Also agree about the distraction of the Internet. And the fridge. And my phone. A friend of mine suggested setting your alarm for blocks of 25 mins of writing followed by a 5 min internet break. May have to give this a go!


  2. Great read! Read most of those articles and I’ve been feeling more confident about my choices over the past month. Defo going to read Natasha’s post later on distractions though – that’s where I need help! X


  3. HI susie! I love this post!!!! I feel like I have seen so many give up their blog for social alone and I agree it’s a huge error. So great to see this post and such a great collection of posts! I loved the twitter threas too!!!


  4. I totally empathise with this and blogged about my own reasons for needing a new creative outlet at the end of last year. I still like my online home but I’m not sure how easily I can juggle the two. I’m a bit all or nothing! Good luck with it all xx


  5. it so tempting to update your social only and not your blog but then when you sit down to write on something you’re passionate on, you remember wy you’re doing it int he first place


    1. That is so true! It’s easy to get hooked on the instant gratification of likes on social, blog posts are much more of a longer game arent they


  6. Blogging really is a spring board these days! The successful bloggers that I know have all forge careers for themselves in various industries from marketing to retail and publishing… it’s a great motivator for me.


  7. Love this, and your collection of posts. I’m off for a read. As you know, I’ve diversified a lot in the last couple of years but this year, I’ve come back to my blog with a vengeance and it’s been the best thing, for me. It is and always will be, my first love. The more time I spend there the better I feel x


  8. The internet is as good for inspiration as it is for procrastination! Thanks for the links…will check them out when I next need a distraction. Which will probably be very soon. 🙂


  9. Great post and i need to check your linked posts too , i like blogging about diy it kind of gives me a creative outlet , i still need to work more on some of the issues i got with myself to stop apologising for the little things


  10. TOTALLY feel your pain about the book and how you may (on some days) be actively looking for distractions… I think we go through phases and sometimes we’re just not inspired enough. I hope you find the motivation and work on it quicker from now on – maybe the good weather will help and soon you can take your laptop and work outdoors too!


  11. Thanks for sharing. I’ve found less traffic too which is frustrating so you’re right, good to know it’s not just us. Am saving for later to read all the recommended posts…


  12. Hmmm there has been a lot of chat about the death of blogging but as a lady with many freelance journo friends I feel it is a story for the sake of it. Often people are determined to think of any new thing in terms of fads or trends perhaps it is just new.

    Kindle was not the death of books, blogs were not the death of magazines and Instagram is not the death of blogs, in my opinion. I think earning potential influences many worries but as a lady with a shit IG following I still pay m6 bills and assure my clients that evergreen content comes from blogs.

    I love both mediums for what they are they are different and that is a good thing.


  13. This has been a conversation I’ve been having with myself for years! I’ve stopped and re-started a few times and yet again, I’m starting ask myself whether there is any point in carrying on. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone, constantly doubting myself about this whole blog thing and that there are people out there (like you) writing useful and insightful pieces on why NOT to give up! Thanks Susie:)


  14. Such a good post and very thought provoking. I’d happily give up all social media but I could never give up my blog. Writing is everything to me and I need somewhere to fully express myself and the social platforms just don’t give me that in the same way that my blog does.


  15. hey Susan, I see you’re quite active on Instagram, you have 4k+ posts, wow!

    Anyway, blogging is here to stay for many years, I look at social media as like different channels where you can tap into to drive audiences back to your blog. Yes, you don’t own the content, and yes, content over there has a short attention span and lifetime.

    hope it helps


  16. Interesting read! I too see social as a way of directing traffic to your blog. I don’t think blogs are dead; I just think with an ever growing choice of discovering new things it just means we have to think more creatively in what we write about and how we write it to keep people’s engagement high xx


  17. Blogging is a strange world that can make you feel up one day and down the next. As bad as it sounds it is good to know that others have the same dilemmas as us. Good luck with your writing


  18. Susie thank you so much for including me in your links! It seems I’m not the only one who thinks giving up blogging is a big mistake… seems more and more of us are realising how important it is to own what we produce!

    Catherine x


  19. I’ve only just found your blog, so I hope yours (and other lovely blogs that I like) don’t die. Instagram is nice for photos, but when I want to say something, 1 or 2 sentences would be never enough! I also like a bit more info than a photo and a sentence from others. Pinterest is perfect for me, nice photos but then a link to a blog post 🙂 I think the way we consume information is definitely changing though, I have 2 daughters (20 + 10) and I see how they behave. It is different to me. They grew up reading books all the time but now they hardly read anything!


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