Tracks of my Years

Writing last weeks post and alluding to my Greek sailing adventures got me thinking about an album I was listening to a lot at the time. So I made a note of other moments in my life which I could map out through music.

Particular songs or albums that bring back vivid memories, I think we all have these, don’t we?

record player in manchester hotel susan earlam
Inside one of the rooms at the Principal hotel Manchester

A particular song/album acts like a time machine.Instantly transporting you back through your life to that period, or even one single moment. Along with the emotion, what the weather was like, what you were doing and who you were with.

Here are a few of the tracks of my years;

Grace Jones- Island Life

I’ve listened to this album on and off for years. So it’s a longstanding favourite of mine, but my most distinct memory of listening to it is driving back on the motorway from a vintage fair. My eldest in the back seat around three years old is just getting into music. I’ve got La Vie En Rose on really loudly and the windows open. We are going fast and I remember feeling so happy and free.

Wings- Band on the Run

This one was a childhood holiday favourite. We always went somewhere in the UK for our holidays and this album was on in the car a lot of the time. My husband bought me one of the reissued versions of this album on CD and I still love it. It’s a really fun sing-along listen and my kids love it too!

Air- Moon Safari

This is the one I remember from my Greek holiday. Hearing this magical album full blast from the speakers on deck whilst steering the boat back towards Athens, the Acropolis on the skyline, on our return journey was one of those is this my life? moments.

Pulp- Different Class

Another travel-related memory. A German exchange trip with school. I was probably aged 14 and our school was visiting them before they came to us (do they even still do exchange trips?). We’d been pen pals, which is how these things tend to work. We were matched together by my German teacher because we both liked Take That. I soon found out her fan status far exceeded my own.

She had a shed outside the main house which was covered top to bottom on the inside walls and ceiling with posters, stickers and pictures of the boy band. It was like that scene from Alan Partridge (click to see the one I mean) her love for them was just intense. My Take That phase waived even more after seeing that shed.

I was listening to this Pulp album constantly on this trip, especially during the nights because my sleeping area was AN ACTUAL CORRIDOR. Yes, that’s right, Jarvis and co.  got me through five nights of sleeping in a corridor between the kitchen and main living area. I’m clearly not quite over this either 😉 although my German became rather excellent from this experience!

Michael Jackson- PYT

This track reminds me of the final year of my Art degree, I was obsessing over Jackson’s back catalogue and this particular track from Thriller I felt was so underrated. I almost believed I was the only one who knew how good it was. It’s one of those songs that without fail makes me want to dance with a big grin plastered across my face. I can listen to it a repeat quite easily.

Madonna- Hung Up

This particular single from Madge came out around the time I just met my husband. We had a mutual love for it despite him not being a Madonna fan previously. Ours was a whirlwind romance and this song seems like a fitting soundtrack to that time. Awwwwww!

Moby- Play

It was the year 2000 and Moby’s album was absolutely everywhere. Including in my CD player. My more pronounced memory of this though is being at Glastonbury and cutting through the crowds that were there to see Moby. Why were we cutting through you ask?? Well, I wanted to see David Bowie of course! I’m glad I didn’t miss out on Bowie, but it’s interesting how this album reminds me more of him than of Moby. Check out the rest of the festival line up that year here, it was only £87 for a ticket then too!

So what are the tracks of your years?? If you fancy sharing them leave me a comment or even tag me in if you do a post on social media.

I love learning about your stories and memories.

16 responses to “Tracks of my Years”

  1. This is such a fun exercise to do! I really enjoyed reading about your memories related to the songs, and now want to listen to all of them to put me in the mood of every scene. I might try to do the same thing just for fun 🙂

    Michelle xx


    1. Oh Michelle do let me know if you do, or do your own and share it!


  2. Isn’t it so weird how rehearing a song from a certain period can bring back so many memories and feelings? I have a weird relationship with music. I tend to love a song, listen to it repeatedly until I over do it, then I can never listen to it again. I don’t actually like the power that music has to transport me back in time. Makes me feel a bit funny.


    1. That’s very true Stacey, it’s incredibly powerful and sometimes the memories and emotions are things you don’t want to experience again because they are painful or related to someone you’ve lost. Thanks for stopping by


  3. Amazing how music can do this isnt it! I’ve not heard some of these songs before i’ll have to give them a listen! Great post x


    1. Thanks, Aimee, yes it’s such a personal experience, isn’t it!


  4. I used to play a game called A Train instead of writing uni essays and listened to Moon Safari on loop so much so I thought it was the game soundtrack

    I would say Belle & Sebastian, Pulp, Stone Roses, James, Orbital, and Radiohead pretty much sums up 6th form for me. Too many to narrow down now this post has my brain doing oh and…


    1. Ah, I love all the ones you’ve mentioned!


  5. IM SUch a britoop girl, so pulp different class was a big one for me! And his n hers!!!!


    1. Pulp were so good, weren’t they!


  6. Such a lovely post! Have you got Wings, London Town? It’s my favourite, and I adore the lyric, ‘silver rain was falling down upon the dirty ground of London town.’ I always find myself singing it when I’m in London on a rainy day! x


    1. Oh, I haven’t! Will have to look it up. Thanks!


  7. Aw hope it brings back some fab memories!


  8. Hello! Defo happy for you to link to this post no problem! And I’ve seen the video for Ghosts- completely agree with you!


  9. The Alan Partridge scene reference made me laugh! A recent album that means a lot to me is Shura’s Nothing is Real. It brings me back to when I moved into my house a few summers ago.


    1. I’ve not heard that! Off to look it up now xx


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