A Happy Bed for my Happy Girl

vintage bed sheets yellow spring like
This is a collaborative post

When you have kids it can sometimes feel like they don’t stop growing. Well, not until they’re about eighteen anyway.

My eldest is now eight and she’s had a full sized single bed for around four years now. She has a Leesa mattress, which she and I love, but there was one problem; the bed constantly moved around her floor.

vintage bedsheets kids bedrooms

vintage bed sheets yellow spring like

She has bare floorboards with a rug (from Next last summer), and the wheeled casters on the bed ensured it moved as if it had a life of its own.

The single divan had poor storage too. A two drawer divan base is great in theory but because her bed is in an alcove I was always moving the bed in and out to get bedding (or teddies) out of that drawer. I also had concerns over safety, kids jump on the bed even when you’ve told them otherwise. Jumping and playing on a large moving object with her four-year-old sister, well… I was imagining all sorts.

It was time to get a new bed.

Enter, Happy Beds who have a huge range of beds on their website. We were spoilt for choice!

white and colourful little girls room

So after lots of measuring and checking which bed would fit, we finally decided on Vego (not the Ghostbusters 2 baddie). The alcove is such a small space, and she has wall-mounted bedside storage, we really had to be certain it would slot in.

I love the white and wood scheme of this bed. It’s clean looking, always a plus in a kids room! It has a minimalist vibe, also great for a kids room, especially mine, as they seem to accumulate so much stuff in ALL the colours.

When the bed arrived, I genuinely thought there were items of the delivery missing. The driver who brought it in assured me all the parts were there. It was so small!

The proof was in the pudding as my ever DIY loving 😉 husband put together the bed. His verdict; The instructions make much more sense than others he’s dealt with, mentioning no names of course.

kids beds how to choose

colourful rug white bed little girls room decor ideas

The other thing to know that this bed is solid wood, not MDF or similar. It has a real feel of quality to it. The sturdiness that you just don’t get with particle board.

Have you ever assembled furniture and when attaching parts together with the particle board just crumbles as you screw things in? Well not with solid wood.

storage solutions in kids rooms

This bed will last my daughter for a long time…until she moves out, I imagine!

She is thrilled with the bed and is pleased it’s not moving around anymore. There is a lot more accessible storage space too, and we have bought some under-bed storage boxes to slide underneath. Her room feels much lighter and airer now and I can hoover under the bed easily.

To see more of this room, including some understairs storage we had fitted click here.

I’ve also filmed a short video too. It’s been a while since I’ve done any filming so please be kind!


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  1. What a gorgeous room – far chicer than what I had at that age! The bed looks lovely too – always great to have underbed storage space and a neutral colour palette to adapt as her tastes change over the years x


  2. You can see that’s a proper bed.
    We need to buy new beds for both kids we are just waiting to see if move but this looks perfect. Will definitely grow with them xx


  3. Great bed and video Susie and the bedding is so cute as well! Making the transition to a bigger bed is tough as you want it to be looking good enough for a good few years and this looks solid! What other plans do you have for this room?


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