pros and cons of getting a fringe or bangs in your thirties

Pros & Cons of a fringe (bangs) in your thirties

I’m going to make no apologies for the seemingly frivolous nature of this post.

We are deep in the middle of January and I need me some lighthearted frivolity!

I got my current fringe on the 21st September 2017, so it’s entering its fourth month as part of my look.

Overall I love it but there are some downsides too. I’m going to share with you the good points and bad points about getting a fringe/bangs.

I’ve had a fringe, or bangs as they are called Stateside, twice before. Once when I was about five and then again aged about 27. The first time I have no memory of and the second was when I had much longer hair, with no grey and no highlights. The time in my late twenties was just before I had kids too, which could’ve been the reason it didn’t last long.

pros and cons of getting a fringe or bangs in your thirties

The good points of having a fringe, or bangs are;

  • You look younger. I’m totally serious about this. I couldn’t believe how different I looked when I first had my fringe put in. A fringe hides forehead lines, which can be as much to do with dehydration, and lack of sleep as they can be about ageing. And I’m not bothered about ageing really, but it was nice to have this trick up my sleeve.
  • Now I’m not that grey, but 90% of my grey hair is around the hairline at the top of my forehead. The fringe camouflages that too, as I’m pulling hair the opposite way to how I used to wear it, and my brown hair is covering my grey. BTW, I totally love grey hair, but I’m just not keen on the pubic hair type that seems to grow at the front of my head!
  • It gives your style an edgier feel, the shorter the bangs the edgier the result. Whilst simultaneously being a timeless look too (see Ann Karina) I love these illustrations of different fringes/bangs.
  • It frames your face, highlighting your eyes and cheekbones. I’ve rediscovered my cheekbones and had forgotten how good they actually are!
  • It makes you do something about your appearance every single damn day. This is both a blessing and a curse. See below for the latter, but as for the former, it encourages me to make more of an effort. I work from home, I get lazy with how I look sometimes. I was always just putting my hair in some kind of ponytail and that was it, done for the day. Now I’ve got to do a little more unless I want to look like Cameron Diaz in *that scene. It makes me feel good though, doing this for myself, a little self-care goes a long way.
baby bangs fringe make you look younger
Photo credit Tori @unfoldtheday

Bad points about getting a fringe;

  • The washing of hair. I’m a once a week kind of a girl. My hair is thick and there’s lots of it so washing it once a week was perfect for me. Then I got the fringe and I was like, what the heck, it gets greasy way quicker than the rest of my hair! I don’t have time to wash my hair more often as it takes ages to dry so it just isn’t an option. Luckily this time around, my third time with a fringe, there are so many more dry-shampoo’s to help. I found the best one for me is No Drought by Lush. It’s the only one that I’ve tried that doesn’t irritate my scalp.
  • Skincare. I’m 37 and I have a semi-regular skincare routine. Most of which happens at night, when I have the time to myself to do it. So for a while, I just stopped putting skin care products on my forehead (don’t laugh). I just couldn’t figure out how to put cream on my forehead and not have to then wash my hair in the morning, because my fringe has grabbed some of the cream. I spoke to a fringed friend who (after laughing) said I just needed to clip it back. Still concerned for my fringe 😉 I thought it would then end up sitting at the wrong angle once I’ve taken the clip out. It does sometimes but now I’m armed with a water spray for any stubborn kinks; a spray and a quick blast with the hairdryer and I’m done.
  • Length management. I should go to get mine trimmed (free as most hairdressers do) every 6-8 weeks but I’ve trimmed it myself a couple of times now so I kind of have this one nailed.
  • If my kids were both very little I doubt I’d have the time to deal with a fringe. It is a bit more high maintenance especially if you are generally a low maintenance type.

I do love my fringe. I’m interested, do you have a fringe or bangs? What are the good and bad points for you personally?

Hope you are getting through January with lots of leftover Christmas chocolate, purely for the feel-good endorphins obviously.

*this Cameron Diaz scene

39 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of a fringe (bangs) in your thirties”

  1. Love the fringe! Especially when it’s shorter and edgier. I’ve had one twice before and the maintenance/greasiness got to me both times.


  2. I think you look fabulous with a fringe – and you have great cheekbones!! (I’m jealous of your amazing cheekbones tbh lol) I had a fringe once in my early 30s and decided it was just too much hassle. I have naturally curly hair so as soon as it was met with even the SLIGHTEST big of damp (which lets be honest is a regular occurrence in this country) it would go all crazy and a mess so that was pretty much every time I left the house – boooo. I was tempted again a couple of years ago because of those dreaded forehead lines which I felt were so ageing so instead I opted for botox – problem solved! Ha! xxx


  3. Funny as I’ve mentioned my fringe experiment in my latest post. Personally i don’t think it worked for me. Maybe i didn’t have it cut in full enough but my oily, flyaway hair was just made worse with a fringe for reasons you outline above. The maintenance is a hassle but if it’s working for you (and I think it looks great on you) I’d keep it up xx


  4. oh i do Love a fringe so much and you suit it! But I just dont think I would a. suit one and b. be able to deal with it as I have curly frizzy hair and in the past found it o be annoying! But i Love it on others and always think it looks understated chic. Even a pony tail can look cool with a fringe! x


  5. I tried a couple of years ago, and it was this point that I reaslised I had the worlds worse cows lick, that no amount of styling would help. I love fringes on other people but for me they sadly would never work!


  6. I love a quirky short fringe. I had one when I had longer hair in my 20s and loved it. My hair is poker straight so didn’t have any frizz issues. I did end up washing it more often than the rest of my hair though. You look fab with a fringe. It’s worth the extra hassle.


  7. I think your fringe looks great on you! I LOVE my fringe! I’ve had a fringe for most of the last 20 years. I grew it out for a while but I looked weird! Back it came.

    The one drawback of a fringe is when it’s hot. Your forehead gets no air and then your fringe gets sweaty and goes all kinky! I always pin mine up on holiday to avoid this.

    My top tips for a fringe are 1. Have a comb to hand at all times. It’s amazing how a quick two second comb of the fringe really tidies up your look! 2. On the days you don’t wash your hair, just wash your fringe! Tie the rest of your hair back and run your fringe under the tap, tiny bit of shampoo, rinse under the tap again, quick blow dry and you’re done!

    Long live the fringe!


  8. I had a fringe from age 11 until I grew it out about a year ago (I’m now 53). No idea why I did but just seemed like a challenge! The trouble is I don’t like myself without a fringe, quite ageing actually, but because I know I could never go through the pain of growing it out again I’m quite terrified to get it cut in. I know it’ll be back it’s inevitable 🙂


  9. I love your fringe! It suits you. For at night try using a soft headband, it will keep your hair off your face and should stay overnight unless you toss and turn all night.


  10. You look great!
    I had a fringe, but washing the hair was so annoying, especially with my long hair. But, I will have a fringe by the end of the year, because it looks better.


  11. I saw your picture on Twitter and clicked through Susie… it was the fringe I noticed – it makes your eyes look huge and DOES enhance your stunning cheekbones! As someone who’s just about grown out her fringe (it’s about halfway down my face now) I know all the bad points about having one only too well. That’s probably why I’ve grown it out again, lol 😉

    Catherine x
    Not Dressed As Lamb


  12. Hello! Thank you for your follow on Twitter because now it has drawn my attention to your fab blog and I have just scrolled through and found this! Love it! Love it because I am also currently having a hair crisis. (Well not really but you know what I mean- I need a change) I also had a fringe just twice in my life; once as a young child and the second when I was mid twenties. I loved the way it looked but equally I seriously disliked the way it got greasy every day (I too only wash my thick hair once a week and that suits me fine) So now I am 31 and have a 2.5 yr old and I’m wondering whether to get a fringe done next week at my hair appointment or not really… is is going to piss me off? And if it does then it’s going to be bloody annoying to grow it out again. But it DOES make me look quite nice (I think so) and a bit younger and it DOES frame the eyes and face as you so stated. And hides the forehead and the ever emerging greys!!! Soooo- That’s my dilemma! Any advice?many thanks again for this post I look forward to reading more!!
    Laura (fungifrolics)


    1. Oh my goodness, Laura! I totally feel you about the questions. TBH my youngest is four now and although they obvs don’t get any input in our hairstyles, they do have an effect on how much time we have to spend on our hair! I might be inclined to wait a while, or get a side sweepy type style that might ease you into fringe wearing again! Good luck!


  13. I loved having a fringe, in fact I’ve had one quite a lot if my 42 years! But the one downside for me was always the maintenance – having to get it cut so often used to drive me nuts. Then I decided to buy a decent pair of hair scissors and do it myself. OMG…. it’s nowhere near as easy as it looks lol. Needless to say, those scissors are now used only to cut the dog’s hair! I don’t have a fringe at the moment because I’ve gone back to my pixie cut (which I adore!). But I would imagine I’ll have one again sometime in the future!
    Suzy xx


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