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A Gentle New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope you are having/have had a good break? I’m popping online to share with you a post I wrote for the Laura Ashley blog all about starting 2018 in a more gentle way.

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What I mean is, not to rush in with extreme New Years resolutions. Instead, be kind to yourself.

Self-improvements usually are high up on the list for New Year thinking, and I’m fully behind the idea of self-improvement. But make it achievable.

For example, rather than saying you’ll run ten miles three times a week, just say you’ll do thirty minutes of exercise three times a week. That way, when the weather is bad, you are ill or life gets hectic, you can still achieve your goal.

You could do a gentle yoga session via YouTube at home for half an hour, or take the dog for a longer walk. Building up to the hypothetical long-term goal of more running will come in time (probably Spring/Summer when it’s nicer outdoors).

As you probably know I’m a bit of a home bird, I love staying in. We’ve worked on our home so much this year that it is truly a joy to be indoors, more so than ever before.

I’m starting January 2018 by enjoying really slow days with my family. We’ve had multiple pyjama days, watched lots of films snuggled on the sofa, and built loads of Lego (I predict Lego will be 2018’s version of last years adult mindful colouring book).

gentle new year

Being completely upfront with you (as I always am) it did take a while for me to switch off this year. Releasing the grip can be difficult for me and I think I need some practice!

Once I managed to relax and let go it was brilliant.

Pile the logs on the fire, the blankets on me; and pass the party food.

I do enjoy getting organised for the new year though, and have been writing down things I’d love to achieve. Some gentle goal setting. I love having this time to read and write and research ideas. Do you find ideas are more forthcoming when your mind is less busy? I think it’s because our minds are freer to do their own thing.

gentle new year list of books

I’ve made a list of books I’d like to read and local places I’d like to visit. Neither list is far-fetched and I love being able to tick things off when I’ve achieved it. Small achievements can be the path to something bigger. I’ve got some beautiful notebooks and home office accessories via Laura Ashley’s Watercolour range, which are crying out for some great list making!

from above a boho cosy living room with blankets and books

Perhaps try this idea; what would you do if money were no object?

Go and study a long-loved passion? Take singing lessons? Buy a boat? Visit that far-flung relative?

Write down some ideas and then figure out how you could do it. Is there a way? A five-year plan of saving for that trip/boat? A payment plan for that course/lessons? Can you cut something out of your spending in order to facilitate your dream?

It’s worth thinking about, it really it is. If you struggle to do this alone then sit down with a trusted friend and do it. Getting a different perspective might just give you a way forward.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing with you some of my intentions, goals and plans for 2018. Some of them may surprise you.

The products featured here and in my article (which is slightly different to this one- so completely worth a read!) are all currently in the Laura Ashley sale. There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to the stapler of dreams.

20 thoughts on “A Gentle New Year”

  1. Love the idea of gently easing yourself in to new year’s resolutions. You’ve just given me permission to eat a tiny piece of chocolate instead of being completely (unrealistically) strict about healthy eating. Hurrah!

    Loving the Laura Ashley stationery. I’ll pop on over to their website for a closer look.

    Happy New Year! xx


  2. Honestly, I needed this post so much! Life can get a little too much in Jan and I feel like there can be a lot of pressure when it comes to ‘new year, new me’. Very well written too 🙂 x Imogen


  3. I think it’s essential to be gentle – otherwise you never keep them going! At least for me. Definitely needs to be a lifestyle change than a whiplash in January. Hope you had a smashing break hun xx


  4. Great post and great advice. I really dislike new year’s resolutions as mine always fail. But the idea of making them more realistic and therefore more achievable does sound good. I’m hoping to lose weight (not setting any specific goals or timeframes mind you as long as it comes off I’ll be happy), get a few of our outstanding home projects done (again just planning to slowly work through our list as and when we can afford it), get to some design events, make more time for blogging and maybe start swimming. I’m looking forward to hearing what your goals and plans are for 2018.


  5. That’s a much more sensible approach to tackling the New Year and definitely likely to be more achievable.

    Oh, and that stapler is divine!


  6. I saw your post on the LA blog and loved the photos. I agree, too. January’s not the time to be hard on yourself. We’re right in the middle of winter. I think kindness and a bit of hibernating is much more appropriate.


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