shutters in winter vintage interiors style

Shutters in Darker Months

Hey there readers!

As part of my collaboration with Santa Fe shutters this year, I wanted to share with you this final post about how we’ve been getting on with the shutters in our home.

As the days are getting shorter, it often feels like we barely see any sunshine at this time of year. I try to make the most of the longer nights and dropping temperatures by having cosy days indoors. Winter is definitely upon us. Although it can feel like a drag, I think that because it forces us to slow down and rest, it can actually be really good for us and just what we need.

See the shutters after installation here

santafe shutters in darker months

As the darker months arrive, I make more of an effort to go and open the slats of the shutters in the morning. Just to let that little bit more light in during the day.

As I’ve mentioned before, the shutters are in our Dining room, which is North facing. When we first moved in, Winters felt very gloomy in here. Now, they really don’t! The white of the shutters reflects light around the room.

winter dining room shutters

This room has a real feeling of calm about it which I think is enhanced with the sleek design of the shutters and the minimal space that they take up.

I often come into this room to work (away from the distraction of the TV) and I find that even though this room is on the front of the house, it is really peaceful. It has a feel of a library as this is where we keep most of our books. I love the studious, hushed atmosphere of a library so I’m pleased to have unintentionally recreated it in my home.

shutters in winter vintage interiors style

We’ve been using this a room a lot more since Autumn began.

It is now one of the warmest rooms in the house. The combination of having the windows replaced and the shutters fitted shortly after has made a huge difference in the temperature.

Decamping to the Dining room has been a natural choice, away from the kitchen, and the kids always feel like its an extra special meal when they eat in here. Old houses like ours can be notoriously draughty and our kitchen can get very chilly.

shutters in bay window

The shutters also ensure the room is private. As our Dining room faces the road I definitely wouldn’t be sat in there eating all my meals if people passing could see right in. We get the benefit of window coverage without the bulk of curtains, making the room feel bigger than it is.

For more photos (in daylight!) click here.

Another point worth mentioning is that the shutters make me feel more secure. With it getting dark so early in Winter there are more opportunities for burglaries and break-ins. The shutters stop people from looking in and form another barrier to make it more difficult if they tried.

I think the shutters have helped us create a sanctuary in this room. A sense of distance without it feeling like remoteness. Is’nt that what we all want when being at home? Being able to pull up that metaphorical drawbridge and just be.

vintage drink cabinet


43 thoughts on “Shutters in Darker Months”

  1. I love these shutters – the room looks wonderful and I’m glad you’re using it more. I shall have to think about shutters when we finish the house buying fun!


  2. Ah I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog post. We have just moved house and need window coverings, I never even considered shutters but I love the look of them from your photos and the feel from your writing sounds like what I’m looking for. Will definitely be exploring this option! Thank you ❤


  3. Oh they really are lovely! I totally agree about the warmth. Sometimes a bare window just feels drafty and cold no matter how double glazed it is. Such a lovely cosy space x


  4. I love your shutters and it’s something I’d definitely consider for our next home! Great to hear your views on it – I always wondered if they’d be a bit too dark over winter but good to hear they are still pretty amazing 😉 xx


  5. They look really lovely! They’re definitely something I’d consider getting for our living room too, we’re north facing that way too and it certainly can be gloomy in the winter.


  6. We just have a living room and a kitchen. The living room is big with a bay window but very dark. We got shutters a few months ago and they have really transformed the room and were definitely worth the investment. Love your herd of antelopes. We have about 8 in a big family group and a massive wall mounted one I found at Stockport vintage village!


    1. They are adding another layer so I think they do insulate. It’s hard to compare fairly as we did have the windows replaced just before having the shutters!


  7. What a beautiful space. You’ve made me feel all Hygge. It’s good to embrace the winter months by spending more time indoors and enjoying it. Sometimes I have to admit I dread it – the darker days and colder weather but I’ve tried to embrace it more this year! Great post lovely with beautiful photography!


  8. We installed shutters in our first home, a first floor flat, on four windows overlooking the front of the property and couldn’t be happier. The fact that you can regulate the light coming in is fantastic. You can still have light but indirectly (by moving them to face up) which is great. I highly recommend shutters when people ask and obviously love yours and your front room ambience!


  9. Your dining room looks so lovely and cosy with those shutters. I’ve been trying to work out what window treatments to go for in our living room. I really like the idea of shutters and the added privacy they offer without limiting the light too much.


  10. I always liked the look of shutters, unfortunately our windows are too small and it just wouldn’t look right. But they definitely look right in your dinning room


  11. Wow. I love what you have done here. Shutters are so under used. Thanks for sharing your inspiration for how to get the best from them. Love it.


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