keeping your own timetable working from home benefits saving money

On Working From Home

The number of people working from home is higher than ever before. Although there are some pitfalls to look out for, I love being able to work from home.

It could be that you work remotely. You do have an employer and an office or base where the business is situated but you are based at home. Or like me, you are a self-employed freelancer who can work wherever you fancy that particular day.

The technology around today ensures that pretty much any job where you’d normally be at a computer can be done remotely. Cloud collaboration software and video call conferences can be set up anywhere there is a wifi signal.

best things about working from home coffee

Working from home can mean working in a coffee shop, or hot desking in a co-working space. But I’m firmly in the at home camp.

Home working suits me.

Yes, there’s the never-ending call of the laundry that’ll just take ten minutes to sort. But it never is just ten minutes is it? It starts at the laundry pile and ends up with you attempting to meal plan for the rest of the week, and doing other kinds of chores around the home.

Step away from the washing machine. 

You see, as vast and plentiful as the distractions are at home, I know them and therefore they are less powerful.

Sit me in a cafe and I’ll be gazing out of the window, listening to conversations, ordering fancy things off the menu and generally making the most of being out of the house. It’s far too interesting to keep my eyes on the page and my mind on the task.

Working from home I have the choice of how much noise I’d like. If I really need to focus it will be silence, but sometimes I’ll have Radio Two on in the background.

being a creative working at home

Working from home means I’m never struggling for a power socket. You really can’t guarantee a power supply when working from a coffee shop.

I’m in a calmer state of mind in my own environment. Engaging much more in what I’m doing as my mind is clear and ready to get on with it.

Getting up and making myself a drink or fixing some lunch has no risk attached! I’ve never liked leaving my laptop on a table somewhere.

I’m also spending less by working from home, always a thumbs up for me.

being your own boss working from home

Working from home and remote working is great for your stress levels. There’s no commute! If you are working from home you can even work in your pyjamas, and even from bed. There have definitely been times where if I’d had a job at a particular location I’d have called in sick, but because I’m working at home I can still be productive, even if I’m not feeling my best.

At home, you have all your home comforts, you can also choose whereabouts in your home you choose to work. Depending on my mood, for example, if I need to be writing creatively I’ll work sitting on my sofa in the living room. If I’m doing admin or emails, I’ll probably sit at my kitchen table, and if I’m on a call or have a meeting on Skype I will be in my dining room.

Each space feels different to me and each space helps me focus in the ways I need to for the task.

keeping your own timetable working from home benefits saving money

For me working from home helps my creativity, the freedom it gives me is unparalleled.

I’m choosing my own hours and I can balance family life.

It does take discipline to work from home, and occasionally I do get cabin fever. But I can take breaks whenever I like and pop out to the shops or meet a friend for a coffee.

Savouring that coffee shop for the actual coffee, not the wifi.

Do you work from home?


  • All photography in this post is by Emmylou from Chiascuro

18 responses to “On Working From Home”

  1. Ah, I didn’t know that! Agreed, once you are in the groove though its ace!


  2. Susie these photos are stunning and I’m a home worker too


  3. While I don’t work from home that often as my job is more office-based, I love the times I can work from home. I somehow feel a lot more productive and feel it’s perfect for when I need to do more creative work. I do also enjoy working in cafes as I think there is such a buzz about being with other people who are typing away, discussing ideas – in some way it inspires me to get stuff done!



    1. Picking the right cafe is key, isn’t it? It can be done!


  4. I love this! The distractions of home are easy enough to close the door on while I’m working, and I like having easy access to snacks and restrooms.


    1. Preach it, Sarah! Thanks for stopping by x


  5. Love these photos! I can work from home but I do get restless and distracted there sometimes so I do find that I can get more done at the cafe or library and the walk/fresh air often wakes me up or inspires me. It’s a bit of both really. xx


    1. Sounds like you’ve got the balance right for you Kat!


  6. My working from home is so different – I have to stay in and be chained to my email. Although it’s great to get stuff done away from the distraction of the office environment 🙂


    1. Yeah no distractions and no commute, at least you are cosy!


  7. oh I so miss working from home. My life was so much less stressful when I was self employed. I envy you Susie x


    1. I’m lucky that this works for our family, thanks Karen


  8. I love working from home and like you, I always feel nervous leaving my laptop alone in a cafe! Great post – have a fabulous Friday! x


    1. Thanks Natasha- enjoy the weekend x


  9. I work on an office, but I also do work at home on my freelance jobs. What I like most about working from home is the time flexibility. Doing creative work cannot be always be forced, so if I get a design idea at 8 in the evening I can keep working on it for as I long as I feel like it.

    Downside: Netflix binge watching!


    1. OMG! I really agree!! That is spot on!


  10. I am also a home worker, that’s so good to hear other people’s experiences, I’m glad you shared this one. Thanks


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