bohemian living room your home more personality and character

10 ways to make your home more you

Hello, you lovely lot!

Today I wanted to round up some ideas that will help make your home more you.

I believe individuality is key in all parts of life, your home is just one way of expressing your tastes and personality.

Let’s dig in and see if you can apply any of these concepts to your home.

1- Paint your front door (or even your house!) a colour that you LOVE. This creates instant cheer when arriving home and literally puts your own stamp on the place.

2- Surround yourself with the things that mean something to you. Items with history, character, sentiment and meaning.

bohemian living room your home more personality and character
Photo by Emmylou at Chiascuro Photography


3- Make memories there. Memories turn any space into a home you love. Kids birthday parties, BBQ’s, even doing renovations eventually turn into memories that become part of the history of your home.

4- Personalise at least one piece in your home. Doing this adds personality to the space, making it look and feel less like a showhome and somewhere that has a much more interesting character. Easy ways to do this are changing the hardware, upholstery or paintwork.

5- Use a space in your home in a different way than you normally would. Doing this can open your mind to creating something special and really unique. You might really see that room or space differently after adjusting your mind to what it’s supposed to be used for.

coffee and plants in your home

6- Don’t just buy into the latest trend just to impress someone. Make it personal, don’t be swayed by the latest interior fashions.

7- Spend time in your home. Make the most of it. Give it some TLC. Say No more often to things outside of the home. It’s got to be pretty special to lure you away from your castle/nest/refuge/retreat (delete as appropriate!) am I right?

how to make your home more you individual and quirky kitchen

8- Consider how your home smells. Bring in your favourite aroma with scented candles, flowers or freshly baked bread. Or perhaps even a scent from your childhood that brings back happy memories, a classic soap or the scent of lavender that reminds you of your grandparents home. This can work wonders for that homely feeling.

9- Cut the clutter but curate what you love. Small collections can really bring a sense of personality into a room. Display them with pride on a mantelpiece or a printers tray.

10- Get plant friendly! Read up on some easy-care plants and use them in your home as decor. They are great for improving air quality and literally adding life to your rooms. That feeling of being closer to nature is actually good for us and as humans, we seek out the opportunity to be closer to nature. It’s called Biophilia, (Bjork did an album of the same name).

framed butterflies making your home more personal

What would you add to this list?

23 thoughts on “10 ways to make your home more you”

  1. I love love love this post and really agree, I only wish I could acheive this. My house is just that, renting onyl ever for 2 years at longest means I never have a home, I do my best to make it feel like ours but it never does.

    Such great advice lovely and gorgeous photos xx


    1. Ah it can be hard when renting to achieve that feeling but whenever I’ve seen your home online I’ve always thought it looks so happy and full of love xx


  2. Ha, I’m not so sure about spending more time at home, being an outdoor blogger! But I think one thing that I would add is to finish jobs that you start so that it does feel more like a home than a work in progress (kicks self up bum!) I’m also a lover of plants and use them to brighten the space rather than paints. And I love adding artwork by friends and pieces that I have found on my travels to remind me of where I have been.

    Great post and thanks for making my boot myself into home finishing action! xx


  3. Great post. I absolutely agree with all you say. I think its really important to have one space that is a sanctuary, even if its only the loo ! One room that you absolutely love is so important. xx


  4. I love this post! Although I have yet to buy a home – I know exactly the type of vibe, colours and scent I’d want. For the time being, however, I’ve started to try and make our rented apartment feel more like home. Even with some bits of furniture I really dislike, I’m adding some pretty vases and candles to make those the focus and for it to generally make me feel happy, proud and essentially at home!



  5. This is brill!! Love the idea of getting a personalised piece of furniture and also what yo said about smells – so true! I’m also all for not being swayed by trends too much! Xx


  6. All of things are exactly what a home should be! I would (in my case) at least add make it functional and safe – it should be safe for everyone but for those with disabilities even more so which as you know is what I’m all about! A lovely post!


  7. Great advice here. I struggle a little to bring things in that mean something to me. I;m not really the type of person to make connections with things. But i do like to personalise the space with colour and the artwork that I choose.


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