velvet pantsuit ladies suit floral

The Suit- A New Dressing Up

Suits on women are having a bit of a moment.

Perhaps we can thank Hilary Clinton and her infamous pantsuits. Perhaps its the current zeitgeist of women really having to push to be treated equally (still, and again) and the feeling of power and strength a suit can give you.

Whatever the reason I’m all in.

velvet pantsuit ladies suit floral

As you know, in fashion, trends come in and go out every few few years. Which is why I make such an effort to try and buy clothing and accessories that are stylish rather than fashionable. Pieces that will transcend the seasons and always look good. I’ve spoken before about clearing out a lot of my wardrobe and aiming towards a capsule way of dressing. You can read about that here.

One big change for me over the last seven years is that my clothing for day is not that different from what I’d put on if I was going out in the evening. I think this is the case for many women in their mid thirties. My personal style is so much more practical now. And that’s not a bad thing.

emilia velvet suit boden bohemian style doc martens

I saw this suit on the Boden Instagram feed months ago, and fell for it hard.

For me this is the new dressing up.

A Power suit instead of a dress. It’s a new way to dress up that isn’t new. In fact it’s very old. As far back as the 1870’s there were women wearing trouser suits, turning heads for dressing controversially; bravo!

I feel amazing wearing it. As glamorous and beautiful as I feel in a dress, but edgier and just way more able to do stuff. I don’t know what that “stuff” is btw, but I feel safer, less vulnerable. More powerful.

fashion personal style blog manchester boden

stride by photo dr martens boden

One of my favourite photographs of all time is this 1975 shot by Helmut Newton. It is of Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking, a tailored women’s tuxedo. Between YSL’s versions of the pantsuit, and Marlene Dietrich’s suits of the 1930s, I grew up loving women looked in suits.

helmut newton photo of ysl tuxedo paris

Here’s me in a tux from 2012, heavily influenced by that Helmut Newton shot!

ysl smoking suit womens tux
Photo by Katy Lunsford

I’m very proud to say that my eight year old daughter took these recent shots of me! This suit is definitely a heirloom piece that I’ve no doubt my girls will be fighting over in the future.

I love the versatility of a two piece. Both the jacket and trousers can be worn individually, and look especially good with denim. Would you, or do you wear a suit? How does it make you feel?

autumn vibes velvet suit

wearing a suit makes you feel powerful

Outfit details-

24 thoughts on “The Suit- A New Dressing Up”

  1. Yes! Love a tailored suit and this flower power one is so you, Sus. Also, that stunning b&w shot of you in a tuxedo – woweeee 🙂


  2. Suit of dreams! This looks amazing in you and the second pic down should definitely be a profile picture somewhere as it is soooo good! Man I wish I could fit into pretty clothes right now! X


  3. Wow, that B&W shot of you in the tux is fantastic! I love a good suit too although I have to say I don’t own one…yet! You must be so proud that your daughter took these photos! They are brilliant considering she’s so young!


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