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Three ways to get yourself out of a (creative) funk

Hey there lovelies! Today I’m sharing three methods to help you shake that stuck feeling we all sometimes feel.

How about some ideas to help you get you out of a funk?

Whether its a creative funk or more of a general life funk, we all have them. Sometimes its because you’ve had a few knock backs, or you or a family member might’ve been ill. Perhaps even the change in season, and less daylight has really affected you. Whatever it is, you just cant get going.

Who am I? What am I doing? Why cant I get on with it? I’m failing. Why bother trying?

Sound familiar?

how to get out of a funk
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Whatever it is we’ve all been there at some time in our lives. Sometimes lasting a day or two, or other funks can go on much longer and result in long term mental health issues. If you have depression or similar then by all means try some of my suggestions, but please, please get help. A good place to start is Mind.

Here are three ways to hopefully get you feeling more like yourself again.

1- Get out and about

Get out of the house. Get out of the office or wherever you spend a lot of time. Go for a walk or perhaps even a run. Whilst you are out, observe the world around you. Be curious about what is going on. It could be a walk in nature or through the city. A change of scene helps me with a sense of place in the world. It often helps me see things with a better perspective and get things back into proportion.

2- Break from routine

Get out of your routine. Carve out some unstructured time and shake things up a bit. Say yes to that event after work. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood after dinner. Get up a bit earlier in the morning and do some exercise. Be spontaneous. Often just an hour or two of something unplanned resets something in me. Even curling up with a book or a boxset can be spontaneous and lets your mind have a breather and rest. This way you can regather your energy too, and stop burnout.

3- Talk about it

Get talking. You aren’t the only one feeling this way. When you open up about your particular funk it allows the other person to open up about theirs. I’m a firm believer in, a problem shared is a problem halved. Find a friend that is a good listener and who makes you laugh and you’re on to a winner. Often just talking things through will lift me out of a funk, almost like exorcising my demons. Like verbalising it is somehow forcing it to leave my body (sorry if that sounds odd!)

street art floral velvet boden jacket

I’m aware that many of these are cliches, but cliches can be true. I wanted to share how they help me. They could work for you too. Do let me know if you try any of them.

Do you have a fail-safe way of getting yourself out of a funk?

Photo by the lovely Tori. She’s on Instagram here and her blog is here.

20 thoughts on “Three ways to get yourself out of a (creative) funk”

  1. All great pieces of advice hun! A change of surroundings and a bit of fresh air – and usually a brisk walk! – is my go-to activity to get myself back on track when I’ve been procrastinating too much or beating myself up over something. x


  2. I think sometimes you need a few cliches in order to motivate yourself and get creative! Getting out of the house is a very good idea as well… which is what I’m about to do!


  3. I love these pics of you hun! And a really great post as I’ve definitely been struggling with motivation lately what with work and the move and the shadowbanning. I think it’s always helpful to find something new which gives you a new lease of life or boost of motivation, in whatever format it might be!


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