the most beautiful yoga venue in Manchester

My Yoga Class

You may know I go to a Yoga class, and it’s coming up to ten months of attending.

I wanted to write a bit about my Yoga class as it has become such a core element of my week (term time only!). My Tuesday mornings are now pretty sacred. I only miss a class if one of the girls if off school or I’m unwell.

I started in January 2017, after a pretty rough last half of 2016. My youngest had been in and out of hospital. I didn’t get much time for me, never mind getting to a yoga class.

roses around a cottage window yoga wellness didsbury

Honestly? I was dreadful.

My balance was virtually non existent. The teacher had to hold me up several times, and these weren’t hard poses like headstands or anything. They were standing poses!

I sweated (a lot), I felt dizzy. At the end of those first few classes I felt weak and shaky. The only remedy seemed to be a hot bath and a long lie down. I was virtually loosing the whole day to a 60 minute yoga class. Not great when you’ve only got two days sans kids.

best yoga venue prettiest palm house didsbury


But I kept going back, and I did this for several reasons.

Yes it was hard, especially on those colder days in January and February. The venue kept pulling me back. If you follow me on Instagram, or have read some of my other posts this year you’ll have no doubt seen the location. Its got to be up there with prettiest yoga class venues in the world!

At the time time I also had a yoga buddy, a friend I managed to persuade to come with me. Another incentive. Those first few classes are less scary when there’s someone there you know. Sharing the sweat and the stumbling around. She no longer attends, having found a brilliant job (clashing with the class sadly).

Then there’s my teacher. She’s this incredibly knowledgeable Yogi, who manages to get you and your body to do things you never thought you could. She’s very matter of fact, explaining things simply and clearly, and pushes us in every class. In doing so she gives you the confidence in your ability, and that you will improve.

the most beautiful yoga venue in Manchester

Now, I’m still not great at Yoga.

I am getting better though.

My teacher isn’t having to hold me up anymore, or even correct me as much in my poses. I’m feeling physically more able now, more confident in what my body can do, if I practise and put my mind to it.

I’m not loosing a day in recovery either. A quick shower when I get in and plenty of water over a healthy lunch, and I’m ready for an afternoon of work. My mind refreshed and ready to focus.

I  feel reinvigorated. I feel stronger, more like myself. The trick? Finding a type of exercise I enjoy, with a class and teacher that suits me. This combination has been key in helping me get back my mojo.


What kind of exercise do you do? What makes you keep doing it?

32 thoughts on “My Yoga Class”

  1. I really need to join you at a class one of these days! I’ve definitely been thinking I need a regular exercise session (whatever that may be) to get me out of the house more and being active – particularly now it’s getting darker and I’m far more inclined to just stay indoors on the sofa! As fun as that is, it can’t be good for me.. xx


  2. I miss going to yoga, sadly the classes by us are all at wrong times for my crazy commute. I have started running again and doing yoga following videos on YouTube. I keep motivated to get out because my job is so tough it’s nice to get out and have time on my own with no disturbances!9


  3. Wow what a beautiful room to do it in! Far better than a stuffy gym where you have to watch yourself go tomato coloured in a floor to ceiling mirror haha! For me, it’s running. Gives me time alone to clear my head and I love it at this time of year ❤


  4. I’ve always wanted to try a yoga class and this one sounds brilliant. Well done for pushing through the hardest parts (this is where I tend to give up!) and keeping with it. So important to have some time in your week dedicated to only you xx


  5. I, too, have been attending a weekly yoga class since January, and it has changed my life! I had not practised yoga for more than 40 years, and it was difficult to accept that it did not come so easily this time around. I love my small yoga class; the knowledgeable teacher is probably the reason I enjoy it so much, not only for her sunny personality, but also the fact she knows each student’s abilities and limitations, hence everyone receives personal tuition and encouragement throughout. Like you, I come home feeling refreshed, and full of inspiration and energy to spend an afternoon gardening, or working creatively in my sewing room. Yay for Yoga!


  6. That really is such a beautiful setting. I’ve never tried Yoga. I don’t know why. I’ve always dismissed it as not being for me, which is silly as I’ve never actually tried it. I need to do something though, especially now both boys are in school and I have a little more time.


  7. I used to do yoga before the kids and I absolutely loved it. I pretty much hate all forms of exercise that feel like sport but I found yoga really relaxing. I loved pushing my body to see how far it could go too. I used to be super flexible but after years of inactivity I’m now super stiff. I’d really love to get back into it and just today I thought I should look into classes. Reading this has inspired me to sort it out. So glad you’re enjoying it now. That location looks amazing.


  8. I love this. For me it’s Roller Derby. I’m not a natural at it at all, and it’s taken me 2 years to not suck at it but finding an exercise that suits me has been the best feeling. I’m envious of your yoga location though, we just have sweaty sports halls to train in!


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