Hallway Floor Reveal with Harvey Maria

A few weeks ago I shared some inspiration for our hallway makeover. Today I can finally bring you the reveal!

We had this new floor fitted some time ago now, but I’ve been struggling to get good photographs due to the weird “summer” weather we’ve been having here. (Read that as rain and cold)vintage style hallway flooring ideas check floor tiles harvey maria

To say we are pleased with the flooring would be an understatement. As you know we collaborated with Harvey Maria on this project and we employed a local flooring specialist to fit it for us.

The hallway was previously varnished floorboards and they were past their best. It can be a dull space and the old floorboards really didn’t help. We needed something that lightened the space and was easy to maintain.

vibrant and bold hallway

We were so nervous as the work was undertaken as the floor needed to be screed.

No going back from that really, see below right for how it looked. It’s basically thin boards pinned over the previous, floor and then a thin layer of a concrete mix to level it out; creating the perfect base for tile adhesive.

before and after harvey maria flooring screed

As you can see the difference is rather dramatic!

It’s so bold, but it really makes this small space become somewhere; a destination, not just a thoroughfare.

I cant believe this is our floor. It has the timeless looks of the Victorian chequerboard floors, but with all the modern durability of Harvey Maria’s luxury vinyl tiles. The toughness of the tiles was actually tested recently when a tradesman dropped one of his tools on the floor, he panicked, but there were no marks or any damage of any kind!

lvt flooring harvey maria

The floor is very hard-wearing and despite the fact the tiles reflect the light and have a sheen to them, they aren’t slippy.

Now we are so ready to sort out our stairs and staircase! I’d love to get a reclaimed one, what would you go for?
victorian modern floor tiles

Check out that light reflecting off the floor! Previously the wood just absorbed the light, so despite this being a North facing room it feels so much brighter.

Can you see that little shelf above the doorway to the kitchen in the above shot? Well it runs around the whole of the hallway, my plan is to put lots of plants up there to really give this space Winter Garden at Refuge vibes. See here for what I’m on about in my inspiration post.

We went for the Check in Slate  for our hallway floor, which is Harvey Maria’s newest collaboration with Neisha Crossland. To be honest there’s a few on their site that I love and if you are looking for something pretty yet durable you’ll find it there.


Just to add, a recommendation if you are in the North West and need a floor fitter. We used CDS Floorings and they were great. Big thumbs up and we’d use them again.

17 responses to “Hallway Floor Reveal with Harvey Maria”

  1. Susie this looks great. I’ve been waiting for your reveal to see how the Check tile looks and I’m not disappointed. What a difference it makes. Very inspired to have this in our kitchen/dining room as a real statement floor. Have Harvey Maria plank tiles in my hallway and LOVE them. They’ve been down 18 months now and look as good as new still.


    1. Aw yeah- they are defo a really good long term investment in your home arent they. Thanks!


  2. Oh the new floors look great! I have been considering tiling our hallway as well as the floorboards are just so far gone, they definitely need replacing. My only question with the vinyl tiles you’ve used is whether you now have a slightly higher floor there than in the other rooms that lead off of it? This has always been my weird concern that it would end up making the floors uneven if that makes sense! Or does it not make much difference? They really do look beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the hallway – ours needs SO much work! xxx


    1. Well- the kitchen floor is higher than the other floors anyway. So we are used to that aspect. There’s a few doorways onto the hall but it works really nicely and is only slightly different . Thanks darling!


  3. Ahhhh, I’ve learned something. I thought they were hard tiles. I imagine they are warmer underfoot. Your hallway looks great, really striking but timeless. X


    1. Yes they are warmer than ceramic tiles!


  4. Susie this looks amazing!!!!!!!


  5. Oh my word, it looks incredible. Definitely a bold choice but I often think that’s good in smaller spaces. It’s fun! So hard to believe it’s vinyl. You must be seriously thrilled with the results.


  6. freshdesignblog Avatar

    Oh wow, that looks absolutely stunning, I love it!


  7. OOh good idea! Thanks!


  8. Katie. lacoconoire (@lacoconoire) Avatar
    Katie. lacoconoire (@lacoconoire)

    ohhh this looks amazing! it’s like something straight out of pinterest.

    pinning these pictures to my home inspiration board as we speak!

    katie xx


  9. Innocent Charms Chats Avatar
    Innocent Charms Chats

    There is nothing I don’t love. The floor is stunning and you can see it will be so practical too.
    The way the blue of your door looks against it, gorgeous.

    Then the little shelf I spotted it immediately, what a place to put treasures.

    I love the pigeon hole shelf and something intriguing up the stairs – closer look please xx


    1. Oh the stair are a bit of a mess! I tried to hide them in these photos 😉 Thanks darling x


  10. Wow that’s incredible! I love even with the darker pattern you get a lot of light. Beautiful!


  11. Aw thanks so much darling!


  12. Oh this looks great, we are in the middle of decorating our hallway, our stairs currently looks exactly like yours lol. I LOVE the colour of your front door : )


    1. Aw thanks so much!


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