Revisiting Berlin

Hey, and welcome to my rather overdue post on my latest trip to Berlin.

You can see my previous posts here and here, if you fancy doing some research for a future trip.

We stayed in West Berlin and there were so many preserved pre-war buildings. Many of them covered in plants.

plants climbing up building in berlin leafy

This time we stayed in a hotel. Despite loving our Airbnb last year, we found prices had gone up and we managed to get a great hotel which included breakfast too.

We Stayed at the Quentin Hotel Kurfürstendamm. A modern hotel with a boutique feel. Rooms were bright and airy, with lovely bathrooms. It was so handy being able to just grab a great breakfast, which set us up for each days adventure.

quentin hotel berlin

I loved the art in the hotel, and all the plants of course 😉

The location of our hotel was just off the main high end shopping street of Berlin and was nice mix of residential, smaller shops and restaurants. It meant we did a lot of walking and using public transport as so many of the places we wanted to go, weren’t in this area (you live and learn eh!)

Brammibal’s Donuts

I think my favourite place of the trip has got to be Brammibal’s Donuts.

Vegan donuts in so many flavours, it was incredible!! Highly, highly recommend this place, be you vegan or not. I love finding vegan eateries as I don’t need to worry about my dairy and egg allergies

brammibals vegan donuts berlin

What Do You Fancy Love?

Berlin is big on brunch. Seriously, so many options for brunching. We found What Do You Fancy Love? in nearby Charlottenburg. Think bagels, smoothies, juices, coffees and cakes. We actually came here a couple of times over the weekend it was that good. Highly recommend their avocado bagels!

House of Small Wonder

Another brunch place that had been on my Must Do list since our last visit was House of Small Wonder. We didn’t get around to it last time so I was determined to visit on this occasion. It’s big on Instagram and I think you can see why, that staircase, those plants!!

There’s a wait for a table and some of the menu had sold out by the time we got there late Saturday afternoon; but for me and my Bucket List, it was worth it.

plant gang at house of small wonder in berlin big on instagram

Provocateur Bar

This hotel bar was minutes away from our hotel and was dark, stylish, opulent with a brilliant cocktail list. It was one of those place where photographs cant do it justice; lots of low lighting and velvet. Despite my best attempts, I’ve no decent images to show you. Just trust me on this and visit their website for a better look – Provocateur Berlin.


A return visit to this restaurant for us, after loving it last year. We even had the same things to eat! Neni shares a floor with the Monkey Bar which overlooks the zoo. You can read more about it in my post here. We did hop across the the Monkey bar after our meal but they were either short staffed, or had a new system in place, as ordering drinks was an extremely long winded affair.

Helmut Newton Foundation

Housed in a former wartime casino (a very grand one!)  this is a brilliant gallery housing work and changing exhibitions from Helmut Newton but also comtempory art exhibitions too.

helmut newton exhibition berlin

Situated near the zoo, the building is as interesting as the exhibitions.

I’m a huge fan of Newton’s work, he really was an original innovator and was fantastic to see so much of his work in one place. Included in the exhibitions are also personal objects too, like clothing, camera’s and snapshot of his childhood. Rounding out the caricature he’d created for himself, into more of a human being.

photography museum berlin

I must say a big hello to Christine & Jan from Little House on the Corner, who we met up with on the Sunday of our trip. They’ve recently moved to Berlin after previously living in Manchester, it was so interesting to learn about Berlin life from a residents point of view.

Here’s some more snapshots of the trip. We did so much walking!! Great for finding photo opportunities. I didn’t realise we’d booked a walking holiday; we did 17,000 steps on one of the days we were there!

23 responses to “Revisiting Berlin”

  1. I’ve not been to Berlin since I was a kid! I am really thinking I must re-visit soon. Your photos and trip look wonderful!


    1. I think there’s something for everyone and there’s such a big foodie scene over there x


  2. Wow! This looks stunning! Those donuts, that stairs, that rug! Just everything!! It’s like Pinterest porn!


    1. Hehehe- thanks Kirsty!


  3. woah this place looks incredible. I still haven’t been to Berlin but it’s sure on my bucket list now! I’ll keep your post saved for sure.


    1. Yeah I think you’d really love it Hannah!


  4. I’ve only been to Berlin once so definitely need to go back and explore some more, if only just to eat all the vegan donuts!! Nom 🙂


    1. Oh Kate its so good, vegan food is readily available over there x


  5. Love this post! I’m visiting Berlin in August so I’ll definitely be adding a few of these places to my must-see list, especially the donut shop!x


    1. Aw glad you enjoyed! Yeah defo go for the donuts!


  6. your pics are always so wonderful. I must, must visit Berlin. When I was in the army serving in West Germany the Berlin wall was still up and obviously we couldn’t go there. Onto the bucket list your recommendations go x


    1. The differences between East and West are so striking! Well worth a visit x


  7. I haven’t been to Berlin since 2005 (!!) and after reading your post and all those gorgeous spots, I think it’s time to plan another visit! House of Small Wonder looks amazing! xxx


    1. Ah you’d love it so much Kimberly!


  8. Its such a great city- I think you’d really enjoy a trip there!


  9. It was so lovely to see you, too! We’re constantly discovering new weird and wonderful things here so we’ll hopefully have loads of tips to share for your next trip! 😉 xxx


    1. Hehe! I’ll hold you to that!


  10. I spent a very whirlwind 24hrs in Berlin a few years ago and loved it. I’d love to go back and see more of the every day life stuff, not the ‘we must see this’ stuff!


  11. Oh I do like your Berlin posts – you really are convincing me that we as a family need to ‘do it’ soon! xx


    1. Oh I think it’s really family friendly! SO much to do!


  12. I love Berlin! We stayed in a serviced apartment in Kreuzberg for 2 weeks last Sept, and we wished we’d booked for at least a month. Our son and his wife were working in Berlin then, so we had the benefit of “tour guides” who knew precisely what we would enjoy seeing/doing.


    1. Oh that sound like a fantastic trip!


  13. Looks like an amazing trip. I would love to go to Berlin one day.


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