cheshire day out jodrell bank

Spring favourites

I wanted to do a round up of things that I’ve enjoyed these past couple of months. I was supposed to do this post weeks ago, but at least it’s here now! We are well into May, and despite some changeable weather, Spring has arrived.

Jodrell Bank

We visited Jodrell Bank one sunny Saturday morning recently, home of the Lovell Telescope. It is an incredible feat of engineering. I feel lucky to live a 20 minute drive away. We really should visit more often, but it was such a sight to behold with the blossom and blue skies all around, it felt like a real treat.

cheshire day out jodrell bank

ASAP Succulents

I met Kate from ASAP Succulents recently. It turns out we have a shared love of vintage bits and bobs and she scours charity shops for vessels for her succulents. I love this idea because gives life to pieces that perhaps are no longer used or needed, but perhaps have sentimental value.

Kate works on a pop up basis appearing at markets and events, even inside shops around the area.

Find out where she’ll be via her Instagram page (the chunky blue piece was a gift from Kate- see below)

plants make people happy and green up your gaff with succulents

Sandalwood Candle

I was sent a couple of candles from the Edinburgh Candle Company and the Sandalwood one is my favourite. I’m not sure if its my nose, but I cant smell the Grapefruit one. I prefer the woody scents anyway. This is a candle company with a difference; founded with the aim of helping empower vulnerable women with skills and confidence to gain long term employment. If you want to support this cause then take a look here.

candle plants white shutters

Plant Shop MCR

Plant Shop Manchester is a super cute little plant shop which has opened locally to me in Cheadle. I popped in for the first time recently and was really impressed. Stocking a wide range of (mostly) indoor plants I picked up a Boston Fern and a Spider Plant, but there were an incredible number to choose from.

So many plants- in such a small space, gives a real jungalow vibe. Find them on Instagram here

plants for the home


Have you ever considered how often we go through toothbrushes? What happens to all that plastic, well it ends up in landfill! I’ve been trialling a bamboo toothbrush which is 100% bio-degradable. It’s made from bamboo which is one of the fastest growing resources and even the packaging is recyclable. The jury is still out on this, as the bristles are much softer than what I’m used to. But my dentist has said I brush too hard so this might be just what I need.

Find out more about these toothbrushes here.

recyclable toothbrush

Lego at the Trafford Centre

I’m a huge Lego fan and I’m finishing on a recent trip we took to the Lego Discovery Centre. I loved it, we got there really early and we had the place to ourselves for a while. I possibly enjoyed it more than the kids!

lego land manchester

What fun things have you been up to lately?

19 responses to “Spring favourites”

  1. Looks like you’ve been busy! I love Jodrell Bank and am obsessed with succulents too!


    1. Thanks for stopping by xx


  2. Yeah its something we just take for granted, but a little more thought would help so much


  3. Hehe- I like being a bit cryptic!


  4. Lovely photos and thanks for sharing. Those succulents look amazing.


  5. Aw what a fab few weeks! Jodrell is a firm favourite of ours too. Haven’t been lucky enough to visit on a sunny day yet but here’s hoping for the next trip!


  6. I love that big telescope!!! I remember when placebo filmed a vid there! I was so excited!!!!


    1. There’s a music festival there now too!


  7. Ooh I will have to tell my LO about the Lego/Trafford thing. And i’m sure we used to have school trips to Jodrell Bank when we were little. Love those little succulents too!


    1. Yeah I bet you did- such a school trip kind of place


  8. Loving all the leafy goodness in this post – I must get myself over to manchester again soon (maybe you could take me to a few hotspots?). I’ve just been trying a similar bamboo toothbrush called Humble Brush. I just picked it up randomly in Waitrose. It’s biodegradable and they make a donation from sales to a kids charity plus I just love the look of it. Like you, I have a feeling it’s a bit gentler on my gums too! xx


    1. I’ll take a look at that brand Kat. And yes I’d love that, you must let me know when would work for you x


  9. A great selection Susie, love Lego too!


  10. What’s fab round up of favourites!! Love the idea of getting vintage containers for succulents and I’m going purchase me a pack of those toothbrushes – dentist said the same thing to me – I brush so hard I’ve really damaged my gums! Xx


    1. They just feel cleaner dont they!


  11. Brilliant post – love all your favourites. The toothbrush is amazing! I hope you have a fabulous Friday. xx


  12. Loving the succulent tip-offs. Thanks for sharing! x


  13. Great post! Can you do an update on the toothbrush in a while…? Very interested to see how it goes as I could definitely be persuaded to switch! Rx


    1. Hiya- Yes I will! Give me a couple of months xx


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