plant babies cactic dolls head planters kitchen shelf

Scaffolding Board Shelves

Today I’m sharing a recent update we’ve done in the kitchen.

vintage jars kitchen shelf

Our kitchen is over two years old now and it is from Ikea. They also installed it for us, and I’m still in love with the space we created. It is so much more usable than what it was like when we first moved in.

Click to see the “Before” photos of our kitchen!

I love an open look in the kitchen and have always loved having shelves rather than cabinets. Originally we installed these Limhamn shelves after seeing them in one of Ikea’s brochures. (I think these are now discontinued)

I liked them for a while but my other half was never keen. They never joined up properly as you can see on the left of this photograph.

open kitchen shelves

I wanted longer shelving too. To go completely across the wall, finishing close to the patio doors.

(please excuse all the stuff on the worktop in this shot!)

ikea kitchen white and wood

We wanted something rustic, a bit industrial and of course, affordable.

vintage industrial kitchen shelves scaffolding boards

Hello scaffolding board shelving!

rustic industrial vintage look kitchen with plants

We found these at B&Q in the perfect length that would fit the wall. B&Q do them in two lengths and we went for the shorter one here. At £11.82 these are a real bargain. The wood is incredibly strong and to buy this sized plank normally you’d be looking at paying at least three times the price.

We teamed the scaffolding boards with simple black Ikea brackets at £2 each. Ekby Valter bracket

open shelves in ikea kitchen using scaffolding boards planks

Before assembling the shelves I treated the wood with a good coating of Ikea’s Behandla wood treatment oil. We do our worktops every 6-12 months with this too. It gives a healthy sheen to the wood whilst protecting it.

So for just under £40 we have shelves that are WAY better than our previous ones in every way!

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever used scaffolding boards in a project? Or has this post inspired you to do so?

plant babies cactic dolls head planters kitchen shelf

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26 thoughts on “Scaffolding Board Shelves”

  1. They look amazing! I am planning to use scaffold boards in our kitchen but was going to go for reclaimed (which can be really expensive) but actually these look fabulous too, and way easier to source! I may have to pinch this idea! x


  2. What a bloody bargain! They look fab! Great seeing the before shots of your kitchen too – you’ve transformed it! And love that mustard crockery in one of your photos here too – the colour! Xx


  3. I love this as an idea! I’ve been thinking of what I can do in my beauty room to give myself a bit more space and feel less cluttered, and this is a fab and inexpensive idea!
    I love these in the kitchen but think they’d work really well in a home office as well!
    Thanks for sharing


  4. Love your shelves. I just recently picked up an old scaffolding shelf from a skip, which I sanded and varnished and then added legs from an old chair to create a fabulous bench. I’m now really taken with the boards and I’m on the hunt for more to reclaim.


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