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recent Beauty buys for sensitive skin

Today I wanted to just share with you three recent beauty products that I’m really enjoying using.

My skin is incredibly sensitive and prone to eczema. Finding things that work for me, without provoking a reaction can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

sensitive skin the ordinary ultrasun waitrose

One thing I’ve struggled with for a long time is finding a moisturiser with SPF in. Or even just a high factor facial sun cream. I’ve been getting by with kids sun lotion on my face when its really sunny. Sometimes I have relied upon my makeup to protect my face and a wide brimmed hat. To be honest what I really wanted was something I could put on in the morning and then forget about. Something that I could use every day.

I undertook a lot of research online into SPF for sensitive skins. Narrowing my choices down even further after scanning the ingredients lists of each product for my known allergens.

spf for sensitive skins

I finally went for this one, the Ultrasun Anti-Ageing Sun cream for sensitive skin. With SPF 30 and specifically for the face AND with anti aging properties AND a once-a-day application AND great reviews. It has no perfumes and no preservatives and so far I’m loving it! This is a travel sized one, but I’ll be investing in the full sized one soon.

I’m two weeks in with using it and I’ve had no reactions which, for me, is amazing!

My next product is something I read about recently in a magazine, possibly Red magazine. It sounded really similar to a product I used years ago that got discontinued- dont you just hate it when that happens? (It was Amanda Lacey’s  Aqua Dolce per Bambini if you’re interested).

Anyway its Waitrose Pure Cleansing & Exfoliating Powder and its as cheap as chips at £3! They’ve even got a 3 for 2 offer on their skincare at the moment so I might try some of the other products.

waitrose skincare range sensitive skin cleanser and exfoliater

This fragrance-free, fine powder is sprinkled onto the palm of your hand, then mixed with water to form a milky paste. It’s incredibly gentle, and my face feels almost baby soft after using it. Again, with no reaction.

This leads nicely onto what I’ve been using at night recently.

I’ve been using The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA face cream. The Ordinary is a brand who are committed to communicating with integrity and not in the way that most skincare is marketed. Bringing us formulations that work, without the daft prices. This cream for example is £4.90

My skin feels less dehydrated using this, and again doesn’t react to it.

caring for sensitive skin cruelty free

I’m very wary of using products which are specifically anti-ageing as they have so many ingredients I’m bound to react. But I may try something else from The Ordinary range as the prices are so good its worth taking the chance.

How is you skin behaving at the moment? Have you tried any of these products?

Or can you recommend me something that you think I’d love?

19 responses to “recent Beauty buys for sensitive skin”

  1. Hello! I also love ultra sun and the ordinary! If you are ever looking for recommendations for super sensitive skin you should read my friend ‘talonted-lex’ blog!


    1. Hi Kirsty! I was reading it the other day actually! Thanks xx


  2. Eeek. It must be a nightmare to have to select products so carefully. Esp with so many having nasties in, even when they’re from the “Pure” ranges. Glad you’ve found something that’s suited you so well.


  3. I really like what The Ordinary are doing: effective and affordable. I’ve been using their hyularonic acid for a while (although I’m not sure that would be sensitive enough for you). That Waitrose product sounds intriguing. Thanks xx


  4. I use a lot of The Ordinary products and love them. Particularly love the Vit C serum, might be a bit harsh for you (there’s a lot of skin tingling going on when you apply it!) but it leaves my skin so hydrated overnight.


  5. These products sound great, (didn’t know Waitrose had a skin range) and I’d definitely try each of them as they sound kind to skin and are a really great price. I like Liz Earle products, I buy them when they are on offer (they do have some good deals from time to time) as they are effective and gentle. Liz Earle suffered from eczema and even children can use the products as they are all natural. The ‘cleanse and polish’ is brilliant. X


    1. Yeah I’ve tried the cleanse and polish but its a bit to perfumed for me. Even natural fragrances like essential oils make me react!


  6. These all sounds great Sus, especially how affordable they are! I always find that products that work for my combination skin are always sooo expensive and so while I know I need them I’m always so annoyed to have to spend so much on products that get used up so quickly. Will definitely be checking The Ordinary and Waitrose for products that might work for me.. x


    1. Let me know what you think Kate!


  7. Such a useful post, thanks for sharing these. I hope you have a great bank holiday weekend! x


  8. I’m using that Ultrasun facial SPF too at the moment and like you I really like it – will probably go for the full sized version as well.

    If your skin is sensitive then you might like something by the French pharmacy brand Avene, as this is what they specialise in.


    1. Ah thanks! I’ve used their stuff before too.


  9. Who knew that Marks and Spencers do skincare! I didn’t and now I’m intrigued by the sun cream you recommended. Will need to look out for it next time I’m there.


  10. Ah let me know what you think


  11. I need to take better care of my skin. I should do some research too. My beauty regime of washing my face with anti-bacterial handwash every night is probably not ideal for my 40 year old skin!!


    1. OH MY goodness!! Treat yourself darling!


  12. Ultra Sun was the only one my twins wouldn’t react too, great brand. I too like to have spf in my creams, these other ones sound great too.


    1. Yea I wish I’d found it sooner


  13. I struggle with sensitive skin and tend to stick to the same old things, these all sound worth a try. Thanks for highlighting these products. It’s always good to have a recommendation.


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