tony wilson tribute at the principal hotel manchester

My Manchester on Instagram

I think I might make this a series but lets see how we get on shall we?

I get asked about where I take my photos of in Manchester and its surrounds. I thought sharing locations here would be great, so you can go and check them out for yourself!

First up is this gorgeous combination of walls and chairs. This is in Leaf on Portland Street in Manchester city centre. The space was previously an art gallery and it now makes a lovely large spot for eats and drinks. I know you are going to ask me about the wallpaper so I found it for you here.

leaf on portland street in manchester tea bar

Somehow this wallpaper looks a bit three dimensional in places… It must be a trick of the light.

Around the corner, a few minutes walk, is the Principal hotel (formally the Palace) on Oxford Road. It has been carefully restored and renovated, I did a post about their new Refuge restaurant/bar recently, but this next shot is in the lobby area of the hotel.

A permanent tribute to Mr Manchester himself Tony Wilson (the man behind Joy Division and other iconic Manchester bands). It is right in the centre of the floor as you walk into the reception area from the street; easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it.

tony wilson tribute at the principal hotel manchester

Worth a visit as the whole hotel is very photogenic; very Instagram friendly!

Just a little further down Oxford Road now, heading South, and you cross the River Medlock. This shot was taken outside the Starbucks there, looking back towards the city. I’m on a bridge over the river and there’s a railway bridge running across the shot too; as well as all the beautiful bricks and different eras of architecture.

manchester instagramable bridges instagram

Heading back into town and straight up Oxford Road you meet St Peters Square and reach the iconic Midland Hotel. The hotel has such a colourful history, and the magnificent Central Library is here too, which has also had some investment recently.

This photo is taken looking through the arched entryway of the library onto the Midland beyond. The hotel sits virtually opposite and both are so striking, it’s hard to know where to get the best picture from! I like this angle because you get them both in shot.

central library arch manchester

Winding our way past the town hall and across Albert Square we find an almost hidden church on Mulberry Street. Built in 1794 this is Manchester’s oldest Catholic Church and has this beautiful mosaic floor right inside the entry of the church. St Mary’s The Hidden Gem is really worth seeking out.

church mosaic floor

So there we have it, five super Instagramable locations in Manchester. If you are on Instagram do come and say hello.

I’ve also started a new hashtag project called #wallsofMCR so if you are in Manchester and spot any dreamy wall shots, interior or exterior, do use the tag and I might feature you.

10 responses to “My Manchester on Instagram”

  1. I love your Manchester photos so much! It’s such a beautiful city and you capture it perfectly!
    Thank you susie x


  2. Lovely pictures. I think my favourite has to be Leaf, I love the wallpaper – very House of Hackney. This feature would make a great blog series! x


  3. Oh, I wish I could spend more time in Manchester. I absolutely love it. My brother used to live in the centre but has now moved to Hale so I don’t get to pop in as much. I spotted Tony Wilson in the Midland over ten years ago now. Such a cool man. I’m staying at the Principal in June and I can’t wait!


  4. What a fantastic idea and such lovely photos! I’ve lived in Manchester for almost three years now and I’m only just beginning to appreciate how beautiful and photogenic the city is. Headed over to your Instagram now! 🙂


  5. You’ve definitely got the eye for finding the beauty in our city Sus! I love playing along with all the hashtags 🙂


  6. I really should come up to Manchester, you make it look lovely! X


  7. Seeing you Manchester pics is making me excited for Sept! X


  8. Thank you for sharing your Manchester favourites. I’ll have to come back!

    Have a great weekend, Sue. xx


  9. Great idea – you should start doing Manchester photo walks Sus xx


  10. Really have to arrange a day trip to you!


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