vegan cheese at zizzi

Spring Treats & Recent Discoveries

It’s Spring!

Or at least it felt like it today. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, tulips and daffodils were peeping through the ground.

I thought I share a few of the things I’ve been enjoying lately. The things that have helped me through the dark mornings and the wet school runs, whilst waiting for Spring to arrive.


Well, who doesn’t love popcorn. The Mister loves sweet and I love salted so we’ve reached a happy medium with Metcalfes Sweet ‘n Salt version. Its so moreish and much better for you than a bag of crisps- which is my usual telly snack of an evening.

Also pictured is a scented candle by The Very Nature. This one is Ancient Amber and I’m still getting over how potent it is, in the best possible way. Some scented candles dont really work, you light them and they barely give off any smell. Not the case here. Its zesty and warm, and perfect for the living room.

metcalfes popcorn


You might have seen my weekly pictures over on Instagram (follow me here) of the most stunning venue for a Yoga class, head over here to follow if you aren’t already. I swear the venue has really helped my attendance, I usually get bored very quickly of fitness type things but the leafy Parsonage and my excellent teacher Sarah keep me coming back for more.

yoga at the parsonage in didsbury


During Winter I drink so many hot drinks just in an effort to keep warm. So, I end up drinking more caffeine than I’m used to. Too much makes me jittery, so a warm matcha latte with almond milk has been my mid morning drink recently. I did similar last year too- its seems to really help get me through ’til Spring. Read about my matcha challenge from last year here.

matcha boost matcha latte teapigs almond milk


I recently visited Zizzi to try the new menu- specifically the vegan cheese (I’m dairy allergic) and was pleasantly surprised, in fact impressed. Its been so long since I’ve had cheese on a pizza and this was so convincing, it actually melted! I ate every last morsel.

They’ve revamped the kids menu too since our last visit and the offering is much improved- the girls loved it. The Free From options and vegan options are clearly marked and available across the menu, including the kids stuff. It makes such a change having restaurants like this. It’s so different to ten years ago when I first found out about my allergies.

vegan cheese at zizzi

New sofa

OMG you are probably so bored of seeing and hearing about this right now. But I’m still so in love with it so here it is again! This has got me through some boxed set marathons already!

More on the sofa here.

boho rug green vintage midcentury style corner sofa

Black Bean Brownie recipe

These are vegan and gluten free and I’ve made them twice now. Both times we’ve scoffed the lot before I’ve had chance to photograph them. They are really easy to make, the recipe is by the Minimalist Baker, her ethos is easy recipes- many being one bowl jobs. Music to my ears as I hate washing up.

Here’s the recipe

vegan gluten free brownie
Image by Dana aka the Minimalist Baker


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26 responses to “Spring Treats & Recent Discoveries”

  1. That new sofa has my LOVE> I need a new sofa myself. I want a darker velvet green sofa than the one you have but I am scared because of my children! We will see.


    1. Thanks so much! I’m stricter for sure!


  2. Omg I love popcorn too!!!!!! Sweet and salty is forever my fave x


  3. I’m loving everything here! I will never tire of your sofa, it is amazing, and I am very jealous. Oh and Zizi’s is my favourite!


    1. Ah thanks so much Amanda!


  4. I love all of these things.

    Your coffee table is amazing too!


  5. Lovely scenes, I need to get onto matcha again, sometimes it can be quite bitter but I might try it with almond milk, enjoy the rest of the week xx


  6. I love Matcha latte. I drink mine with soya milk. Love the Starbucks one. So good.


    1. I haven’t tried that one!


  7. Interesting! I’m a little embarrassed that I still haven’t tried anything matcha! But I’m a huge fan of popcorn – gourmet popcorn in particular. Its my new favourite thing!


  8. We love popcorn too. But husband likes salty and I love sweet. We must try this one you recommend. Love your sofa. Looks perfect in your home.


    1. Thanks so much lovely. Yes the popcorn is a winner for sure!


  9. Mmm, popcorn! Mmm, vegan cheeeese! Mmm, vegan brownies! Off to the kitchen to find food now… hehe xx


  10. Such a lovely, lovely roundup. I’ve not been to Zizzi for years but I think I’m going to take the boys at the weekend. And that sofa!! It’s gorgeous. What a find!


    1. Thanks so much! Yes Zizzi definitely worth a try


  11. Hey susie!
    I came back to get the recipe for the cookies! Looks so good!!!!


    1. Its so easy!! Defo make them if you get chance


  12. Love this post! I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying yoga and your new sofa is stunning! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend. x


    1. Thanks so much Natasha! Have a restful weekend


  13. I feel like I really need to try a matcha, I’ve heard so much about them! X


    1. Its like a green tea flavour


  14. You can barely taste them!


  15. Oh Pilates is fab too- I’m leaning towards loving yoga a bit more atm


  16. I’m just obsessed with your sofa!! X


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