white vintage bathroom old fashioned Victorian

Bathroom Reveal

So- here we are, the bathroom reveal!

It’s overdue, but then the best things worth waiting for… right?

In this post I’m sharing images of our new bathroom and the thought processes behind it. I’ll be writing another post with all the product sources in very soon.

So this post is more about the WAYHEYness of a new bathroom 😉

Lets get straight down to it then. Remember this corner? Well the boiler was here, housed in a monolithic cupboard.

Check this post for a video tour of our old bathroom.

It is now the main activity point in the bathroom, with our storage across the washstand and mirror cabinet.
modern vintage white bathroom ikea

It is so nice to have a full size bathroom sink now rather than the cloakroom sized basin we were struggling with before.

There are a couple of little things we need to finish, like painting the door frame and repainting the door. The door has been hung the opposite way and it makes such a difference. Rather than opening into the middle of the room, it opens to the wall.

vintage quirky bathroom mixing old and new interior styles

As well as being a bad layout previously, our old bathroom was difficult to clean with so many nooks, crannies and multiple surfaces. Everything was squeezed in with zero elbow room.

You can see things are still on the snug side, but now we have a longer, deeper and wider bath (a really luxurious feeling) and a proper size bathroom basin. The toilet is flush to the wall too, so non of the pipework is on show, making it really easy to keep clean.

old fashioned vintage bath taps

Don’t get me wrong the bathroom is still a small bathroom, there’s no way of magically making it a bigger room without extending… But, it feels like a bigger room. All four of us can fit in there and brush our teeth together (fun family brushing time!)

white vintage bathroom old fashioned Victorian

The look we wanted for the bathroom was (surprisingly- or not) a modern vintage feel. Elements like this Victorian radiator  and the underground style tiles achieve a classic, and hopefully timeless look.

Despite a fair few google searches for gold or brass taps and showers, we failed to find some within our budget (total gap in the market here in the UK). I think it has worked out better though using the chrome/silver. It still has a classic look, goes perfectly with the Victorian radiator, and if we ever needed to replace them its a relatively easy job.

victorian shower and taps old fashioned

We tiled the bath in as I think it gives a better finish, and I cant stand bath panels!

victorian vintage towel bathroom

The monochrome feel grew organically as the bathroom progressed. Adding colour with a fun watermelon shower curtain, plants and of course the inevitable kids toys brighten’s the room and adds an element of fun to what could be a very grown up space.

I used Purlfrost on the windows and got rid of that awful makeshift shower curtain. Thank goodness for that, It’s amazing what you persevere with whilst you wait for the right moment to strike.

Victorian modern bathroom

Stay tuned to find out what I got from where and if you just need to know something in the meantime, leave me a comment!

30 thoughts on “Bathroom Reveal”

  1. Hooray I’ve been waiting!! It looks absolutely brilliant and you must be over the moon. Love the tiles and the radiator, will be looking out for your source post. We have a small bathroom too and an even smaller en-suite so am on the hunt for space-saving measures X


  2. Oh I’m so pleased for you! Don’t know how you got through a bathroom reno with 2 little girls. You’re a wonder woman! Can’t go wrong with a monochrome bathroom though. You can always “re-decorate” with just a new colour of towel or shower curtain to keep things fresh over the years!


  3. Oh wow!! It’s gorgeous! So clean and fresh and sleek! I love the idea of the loo having no exposed pipework – I didn’t think of that!
    I think we have quite similar bathroom tastes, we have the same tiles in the shower and the same radiator! I only hope mine turns out so darn beautiful! And soon…. there’s only so many showers I can take at the neighbours’ before they get fed up of me!! xx


  4. I love this! I want to use those tiles in my ensuite and now I want that radiator in there too! Love to nosey around other people’s interiors so thanks for sharing


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