vintage new bathroom white minimal

New Bathroom on the Horizon

Gosh we are so close now, I can almost smell it.

Our new bathroom is looking like an actual bathroom again- but like 200 times better than the last one.

There’s a handful of small jobs needed to finish it, but I’m sharing a couple of snaps here as I just cannot resist showing you… Can you tell I’m excited!?

I never knew I could get so enthusiastic about a towel rail/radiator. This one has the Victorian styling I love and really sets of the classic tiles we’ve gone for too.

victorian style towel raidiator in new bathroom

Continuing the vintage bathroom theme are these taps… It feels a bit old school not having a mixer tap, but I think the shape of the these is perfect for our bathroom- I love them.

Despite our new bathroom not being quite finished, I have been able to have a bath and let me tell you it was GLORIOUS!

vintage new bathroom white minimal

I’m unsure if this is because I’ve not had a bath for ages (showered at my mums FYI), or I really needed it, or the fact that it is longer, wider and deeper than our last bath. Seriously it was like sitting in a puddle in the last bath, especially for my husband who is 6’1 and broad. This bath is like going swimming- pass the snorkel!

So just to remind you of our bathroom journey;

Although in these shots the bathroom looks finished, it isn’t. To be honest, we still haven’t got a toilet as the cistern went missing, and the floor needs finishing off and sealing. We are now within touching distance though and it will be worth the wait.

*On this new bathroom project I’ve been lucky enough to work with two great brands- Bathroom Takeaway who have supplied some of the products and furniture, and Tile Mountain who have supplied the tiles. I’ll go into more detail about what we got from where- a resource list in a future post.

12 thoughts on “New Bathroom on the Horizon”

  1. It’s looking great! Love the towel radiator – I think I have my eye on the same one! I just love that vintage style. We need to measure the space once we’ve fitted all the furniture in though – hopefully we can do that tonight – waiting on a shower tray to arrive as we speak! I am getting super excited about it too, but as yet we have nothing plumbed in – I cannot wait for that first bath in there! Love how yours is looking, roll on the big reveal! 🙂 xx


  2. Oh I was so desperate to get that radiator in ours but we’ve got a stupid vertical one. I might change it after seeing a peek of yours! Can’t wait to see the finished room, I definitely need to share mine soon x


  3. It’s so exciting when a project is finally coming together, you must be thrilled! The bath certainly does look like a good deep one. Really glad you’re so pleased with it so far, look forward to seeing the completely finished room in due course.


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