My Autumn Treats

Today I’m sharing a few things I’ve really been enjoying so far this September.

There’s lots going on here and I’m trying to adapt to the changes and make the most of them- as they are good things. Smallest has started preschool (and loves it) the bathroom renovation has started, and  we’ve made headway with the dining room/snug.

And within a week I’ve dealt with Vertigo (mine!), a viral induced wheeze and hospital stay (youngest) and chickenpox (oldest and probably youngest any time now).

So- I’ve been savouring the little quieter moments between all the crazy ones.

Guinness vintage tea towel on wall framed

This gorgeous bouquet arrived just in time for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and had been going strong ever since. It’s by Beards & Daisies and arrives upright in a box already hand-tied. I felt super special to receive this on my doorstep, with some of my favourite blooms inside. Beards & Daisies also do Letterbox flowers too, but the hand tied ones are just gorgeous for a special occasion.


Our Dining room has been a dumping ground on and off since we moved in nearly three years ago. We’ve used Valspar paint on the wall and its a pinky grey which feels very grown up, almost a bit National Trust. More details soon.

pink grey walls in dining room

I got some lovely treats for my birthday, my favourite is the BeetleJuice themed notebook. The cover is just like the book Lydia finds in the film.

handbook for the recently deceased

Apart from when the kids have been off school poorly, I feel like a whole new world of time has opened up for me. Planning and prioritising what I do in that time is the next thing I need to get to grips with.

Cuppa anyone?

cup of tea with roses and red teapot

I’ve been looking for the joy in doing even the smallest things, like making my daughters bed…

That sheet!!

70s bed covers

I was thrilled to be in Manchester city centre recently on the right day for Stylist to be out! I’ve not read it in ages, since they stopped doing the online version.

stylist magazine manchester

What are the things that are making you smile this month?

Don’t forget to join me in celebrating Autumn over on Instagram with #openuptoAutumn 

8 responses to “My Autumn Treats”

  1. Lovely things, especially the flowers. Your new book looks hilarious! x


    1. perfect for coffee shop posing!


  2. oh my you have had a week ! Hope everyone is on the mend soon. xx

    Happy belated birthday and I LOVE the Beetle Juice notebook !


    1. Ah thanks Karen! Yes its been mad!


  3. Ahhhh i love that book! *adds to birthday wishlist* 🙂

    Making me smile this month is definitely the autumnal weather. I always get such a burst of productivity when I feel like I’m not melting every day!


    1. Ah same here- like I can breathe again almost xx


  4. It’s so nice to stop and appreciate the simple things that make us happy. Those flowers look gorgeous. Autumn is definitely on its way. I’m already contemplating getting the big winter duvet out.


    1. Yes we’ve just this week added our winter blanket to the bed, SO cosy! Thanks for stopping by Stacey x


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