autumn skies corn fields quarry bank

Introducing #openuptoAutumn ~ An Instagram Tribute to Autumn

As you might’ve realised by now, Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

It’s such a feast for the eyes, that the perfect way to celebrate Autumn would be a little hashtag, introducing #openuptoAutumn

Now is the time to share your Autumnal photographs and for all those burnt oranges and warm mustard, shades to come to the fore.

Here are my personal reasons for loving Autumn.

1- The bright, crisp mornings and that Fresh Air smell.

2- The gentle warmth of the sun, lower in the sky.

autumn skies corn fields quarry bank
Styal golden fields

3- The gradual turning of the leaves to brilliant fiery colours.

4- Multiple squirrels pottering around the garden, stashing bits of food in places only they’ll remember.

5- The berries on the bramble bush, and the apples in the trees. It is the perfect time for foraging (sloe gin anyone?)

6- That new beginning feeling which comes at the start of September. Time for a clearout- mentally and physically. Stick it on eBay or take it to the charity shop

7- There are plentiful reasons for new shoes, and boots. There’s a slight chill to the air now.

8- Meals can now include the oven again, and the home cooking menu changes to stews, pies and soups. Mmmm, comfort food.

9- The fact it is cold enough to use the fire.

10- The blanket of colour when the leaves eventually fall and the crisp, crunching noise they make.

11- The colder days means you can break out your fave knitwear!

12- Snuggling under lots of blankets watching a film.

13- Sleepy weekends because of the dark mornings – everyone in our house sleeps in!

What are your favourite bits of Autumn?

Do leave me a comment or share a photo on Instagram using #openuptoAutumn see you there!

19 responses to “Introducing #openuptoAutumn ~ An Instagram Tribute to Autumn”

  1. I love the colours and how cosy it feels. I’ll certainly be joining in on IG! x


    1. Look forward to seeing them N x


  2. I’m still into summer mode as the weather is still very warm but I love those misty mornings, curling up under a blanket with a cup of tea, watching tv in front of a fire, go for a walk into the woods ans feeling the moisty leaves under my feet…
    Clem x


  3. love this so much! stunning post!!!


  4. Love this hashtag so much already!
    Maybe it’s because I’m a pale redhead and Autumn just suits me better, but I can’t wait to dig out my winter boots and scarf….and stick it on Instagram haha!


    1. Amen to that. And yes you do suit Autumn!!


  5. This is such a lovely idea. Autumn is my favourite season. A quick glance at all my recent photos on Instagram and there has definitely been a switch from summer over the past week.


    1. Thanks Rachel- hope you can join in!


  6. I think people underestimate how awesome Autumn is because it can quickly lead to Winter. That nice temperature where you are not sweating and get to play around with layers of clothing, eat warming food with spices and that cosy fire. Let’s not forget Halloween and Bonfire night!


    1. So true Elsa! Bring it on!


  7. I’m usually a Spring person but you are making me yearn for Autumn in your descriptions x


    1. Hope you can join in Geraldine!


  8. Oh I love this idea. Autumn is my favourite – already onto the stews and lovely hot meals for supper! But this year it feels kind of odd as next week we are off on honeymoon to the South of France so I am technically about to have my summer holiday, so I can’t really embrace the new season yet. Totally will when I am back though and will be joining in then! x


    1. Ah great Anna- enjoy your honeymoon!


  9. Ooh lovely, love a new hashtag, will definitely be joining in! X


    1. Yey! Thanks darlin’


  10. Lovely idea Sus, look forward to seeing the hashtag on IG x


  11. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year to be out, the colours are surreal, almost dream like xx


  12. OOh yes, warm cider is a good one! enjoy birthday season x


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