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Boho Living for a Spice Girl

Okay I’m possibly about to make you feel old; Its been 20 years since the Spice Girls released their debut single Wannabe.


I was 15/16, and thought I knew it all. I was very much an Indie teen, I loved all the Manchester bands and the Manchester music scene. I loved Britpop too, so when the Spice Girls arrived it was a bit of a shock to the system and despite my best intentions I warmed to them.

boho living room

My favorite was always Melanie Brown AKA Scary Spice. I liked that she was outspoken, it felt as if she was perhaps the one that was most like herself, and made no apologies for it. I also loved that she wore a shed load of leopard print.

According to Bustle, if your favorite Spice Girl was/is Scary, then this is what you are like;

“You were, and still are, the life of the party. Your friends often refer to you as “the loud one”, and you’re often reminded to whisper in places like coffee shops and libraries. You tend not to have a filter, but embrace it. Just like Scary Spice, you never go unnoticed in a room. The party don’t start ’til you walk in!”


Some of the above may be true!

dfs spice girls scary oskar chair

Anyway I digress. I’ve never met any of the Spice Girls so have no idea what they are like in real life, but I’ve been thinking about it recently as I’ve been asked to take part in a styling challenge, by DFS, themed around my favourite Spice Girl.

from above dwell plant gang

I get big boho vibes from Mel B/Scary Spice. Perhaps not twenty years ago but now, I reckon she’d be a bit of a crazy plant lady, who has lots of textures and patterns in her home.

Would you agree?

I added some elements of my own like the African wooden masks and my handsome lion picture.

oskar leather chair

I think she’d have lots of warm wood tones around her home, bare floorboards, bohemian rugs, faux fur throws and leather. There would be warm metallic’s too like brass, gold and copper. And lots of drama, with black sculptural objects like skulls and candelabras. Her home would be a mix of old and new ( a bit like mine) with things that were built to stand the test of time.

It would include things she’s picked up from her travels and imagery she finds inspiring and uplifting.

I’ve created this look using a mixture of things in my home and:

The one thing missing from this LEOPARD PRINT!!! I dont have any Leopard throws which is would have been perfect for this. Clearly I need more leopard boho style in my life (and living room).

Who was your favorite Spice Girl? What do you think of my Scary Spice Living Room?

dwell coffee table bohemian living room


8 thoughts on “Boho Living for a Spice Girl”

  1. 20 years. Eek makes me feel old for sure.
    I think Geri was always my favourite but then I quite like scary as they got older. I was more Britpop too.

    I love this. I agree I think totally boho is Scary. She would love this set up I think. Great job and what a seriously impressive chair.


  2. I would have said my favourite was Posh as I love her fashion sense but then I bumped into Geri Spice one day on the school run and she politely held the door open for me and now she’s my favourite. Her mum’s lovely too. x


  3. 20 years, oh my… I can remember them on This Morning, dancing around outside the studio and I’m sure I thought, why haven’t they tried to co-ordinate their outfits better? Lol! I think it was their first TV. Anyway, roomwise I think you’ve nailed the look and Scary would approve 😀


  4. My favourite is Mel C as she gave my youngest a teddy and us some champagne when she was born. I’m a bit biased as my husband has drummed for her!
    Chair looks fabulous!!


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