green wood plants and vintage white bathroom moodboard

Small Bathroom Renovation; The Plan

Hey there- today I can finally reveal the bathroom renovation plan.

I’m so excited about this, I can barely believe it is even happening. You might remember the bathroom tour I did a while ago. Basically I’ve been thinking about bathrooms constantly since then.

You can see the bathroom tour here.

So what was the brief?

More space or course!! More usable space to be specific. It is a small space, which we cant change, but the way it is currently laid out is making a small bathroom feel even smaller.

Below I’ve mocked up how the bathroom layout looks now, and how it will look after the work is complete.

Our bathroom is 210cm by 180cm and has a large low window in the wall where the bath is. So in order to be able to still have a bath we need to keep that in the same position.

The boiler has now been moved up to the attic/office and the awful cupboard that housed it is ready to be ripped down. I’ll be doing a merry dance when this happens, believe me!

You can also see in the Before diagram that everything is SO CLOSE together, its squashed in to be honest. This makes it really awkward to clean. We found out recently that the basin in our bathroom is actually a cloakroom basin, so specifically designed for smaller spaces. It’s no wonder we struggle to use it.

small bathroom layout

You can see how currently the door opens in such a way that it takes up space in the bathroom. You have to walk around the door to get in the room, brushing past a large towel rail. Not ideal in winter when the towel rail is hot and the kids are rushing into the bathroom- burnt arms anyone? So we are have a slightly smaller and more vintage looking towel rail, and rehanging the door so it opens the opposite way- giving us full use of the available floor.

Just look at the amount of usable space we are gaining, seeing the diagrams together make it so real and I cant wait for this small bathroom to become a beautiful and functional (small) bathroom.

I want a relaxed vintage (ish) feel but not a vintage cleaning regime, so smooth, clean lines without pipework and crevices are also key in this bathroom design.

Due to the window being next to the bath, and at the front of the house I’m considering using Purlfrost again. Check out this post from last year all about these brilliant window films.

green wood plants and vintage white bathroom moodboard

We are also having the classic subway tile dark grey grout in the bathroom. I’ve loved this look for as long as I can remember and despite me loving pattern and colour, it was always going to be this timeless look in here.

We are working in collaboration with a few brands on this renovation, one of which is a local company called Bathroom Takeaway who will be supplying a few of our bathroom products!!

15 thoughts on “Small Bathroom Renovation; The Plan”

  1. Love your plan, its amazing what you can do with a small space when you put your mind to it. The door idea is genius, we had similar problems when we renovated our small bathroom. Love Purlfrost, used them all over our home.


  2. Small bathrooms are so tricky – I feel ya pain! The vanity unit is a great idea though, means that you get an extra smidgen of storage. Love the traditional touches you’ve gone for too – I have very similar basin and bath taps in mine! x


  3. Having just redone my own small bathroom I totally get your excitement. Small spaces are really tricky and require some clever planning. Your door idea is brilliant. I love your vision and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.


  4. I wish out bathroom was just slightly bigger so we could add a functional shelf in there. The place is just big enough for you to fit and that s about it. I can t wait to move into my first home and decorate and modify it any way I want! Some very useful pieces of advice for my journey to creating my new bathroom improvement, as well as the great photos, so thank you! In particular your thoughts on colour schemes and storage areas are areas that I will need to think about to improve my bathroom space.


  5. love this post! I work with skirting boards… and know all too well that its the finer details that make all the difference. I think your clean and minimal vision is going to be a winner, and what a difference it’s made to the overall room with a simple thing like the door opening the opposite way.


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