5 Alternative Splashback Ideas

waterproof wallpaper for kitchen splashback

When it comes to renovating a home there are so many decisions that need to be made.

From the colour of the paint on the walls to what style of plug sockets you like, there is so much choice that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. As you may know it took us 18 months (I know!) to decide what to have in our kitchen, as our splashback.

We did end up with tiles after all that time, but it was an educated decision- see the Hex tile splashback.

I researched kitchen splashbacks intensively when trying to decide what we were going to go for. Well enough even to bring you five alternatives to tiles for your splashback.

So get ready!

KitchenWalls by BehangFabriek

I discovered this company via Hester’s Handmade Home where she uses it as part of her kitchen renovation. It is basically waterproof wallpaper with brilliant designs on. You get a special adhesive included when ordering. I love this design by Valesca van Waveren, it’s a little quirky with a vintage feel. These gorgeous botanical illustrations would look great in any style kitchen.

waterproof wallpaper for kitchen splashback

Glass Splashback

Toughened  glass is a fantastic material for use in kitchens, being heat and stain resistant. It is really easy to wipe down and keep clean too. Creoglass offer this type of splashback, in many different guises. The toughened glass that they use can withstand temperatures up to 400 Celsius and includes a ten year guarantee. I think this type of splashback would make any kitchen look uber classy and it’s timeless appeal wouldn’t fade two or three years down the line.

glass and marble kitchen splashback white


Yes washable paint is a thing. Brands like Dulux do specialist Kitchen paint which are greaseproof and washable. I think if you had this type of  (non) splashback near the sink, you’d really have to make a point of drying off the area afterwards. Otherwise I’m pretty sure the paint would start to peel- please correct me if I’m wrong! Looks nice though hey?

no tile splashback just paint and an upstandImage from Plain English Design.

Sheet Perspex

We were so close with going with this idea. I wrote about it here and we painstakingly measured our funny shaped areas out. I even started adding to my vintage postcard collection. The idea being that we’d get clear perspex and have what we wanted behind it, in our case vintage postcards, to personalise it and add some colour and pattern into the space. I think this idea would be best as a temporary set up- perhaps if you are renting, as I think the perspex might scratch. If you wanted something more permanent you could use the clear toughened glass (as already mentioned) with something behind it, like wallpaper or photos.

tile decals stickers for kitchen splashback

Tile Stickers

Ah, so this last one is a bit of a cheat and assumes you already have tiles up and just fancy a change, without spending a fortune. I found loads of great tile decals on Etsy. I even sent off for a few sample to try, but they didnt work that great on the bare plaster, you’d definitely need a tile to stick them on or a really smooth surface- paint might work I guess. I love the idea of these, there are so many patterns to choose from too. You can also get floor tiles like this too, really worth I try I think if you fancy switching things up on a budget.

So what are your thoughts, what do you have as your splashback at home?


  1. We’ve got plain old metro tiles, which I do love, but the idea of waterproof wallpaper makes me question whether I made the right decision – especially as that design you’ve pictured is SO up my street! x


  2. How funny, I have just got a post ready to go live on glass splash back trends – we are obvs on trend aren;t we. I love the top one best – suit me down to a ‘T’


  3. I love the BehangFabriek design – gorgeous! I think you were right not to go with perspex – it does scratch really easily. I love the idea of the CreoGlass splashbacks, especially as you can have printed ones. Good to know of all the different options! (the only ones I wouldn’t choose are paint or perspex)


  4. Oh, I love that waterproof wallpaper design – such a creative solution. We have metro tiles that work well in out kitchen but if we had a bigger space I’d be tempted by something a bit more interesting x


  5. I’m designing a kitchen at the moment and i was thinking either metro tiles with dark grouting (obvs!!) or a antique mirror effect one, but the mirror is actually really expensive. although nothing compared to marble. my last marble quote was £13k. How am i meant to afford that?!!

    I love the tiles on the bottom photos!


  6. Never in a million years would I have ever thought of such creative splashbacks! Thanks a lot and I’m going to have to ‘borrow’ some of these fab ideas!


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