Day in the Life~ How to run a blog with 2 kids


Today I’m sharing some insight into how my day to day life goes and how I juggle having kids and working on a blog.

I get asked a lot about this, and when people find out I have two children they ask me how?

Mainly one, or a number of the following questions;

  • how can I get posts done
  • how can I take photos that are’nt being invaded by children
  • how can I be all over my social media channels so often
  • how can I plan anything
  • how do I know which hashtags to use for Instagram
  • how do I do all this and not have smallest in nursery

So here goes, some tools and tricks and resources that help me every day and, can help you too.

Most week days go like this;

6:20am- my alarm goes off. Either me or the Mr will go and make the coffees and we’ll drink them in bed whilst we wake up. Between now and 7:30am I am checking my social media channels. I’m replying to comments if necessary and it’s at this time on most days that I’ll post on Instagram. I am also scheduling tweets and FB updates via an app called Buffer. Honestly it is brilliant.

Currently I tend to post once a day on Insta, usually at around 7am. I’ve found that my engagement is good at this time, as people are waking and scrolling through their phones with a coffee too.

The kids are up at 7:30am and we are usually having breakfast by 8am.

If its a school day we are out of the house, walking to school by 8:40am, and me and smallest are back home just after 9am. Currently on some Monday’s smallest has started going to my parents house during school hours. This has been great for me to be able to get meater blog posts written and for taking photos/doing vlogs.

burnt toast altrincham market

During the rest of the day until school pick up we are either out and about visiting family and friends, doing household chores at home and playing or popping to the shops. I get a few minutes here and there to check and respond to email and social media stuff via my iphone only.

I tend to take photos as and when I can, an episode of Scooby Doo often helps A LOT.

Smallest is two and a half now and has virtually grown out of her afternoon nap. But if you have a small child this afternoon nap is a godsend. I previously got a lot of my blog work done during this time.

3pm we walk up to school and collect eldest and by 3.30 we are home again. The girls play for a bit and then they have 30 minutes of TV before teatime.

I’m making the tea in the kitchen at this point and I’m also on social and email, checking and responding- multitasking is my forte.

I use Evernote for saving ideas for blog posts and padding them out a bit, I might do some research for a post during this time too- all on my phone. This usually means when I finally sit down at my laptop to write, I’m not wasting time trying to think of ideas. I must also say that I do still use a notebook, I make a lot of lists and I love crossing things off as I do them.

I’m also a big fan of sticky notes- great for lists and reminders.

plant table cactus collection

By 6pm we’ve finished tea and are winding down for the evening. The girls are in bed by 7/7:30pm. And that is when I pop my laptop open and get to work. Often Mr OFS doesnt get in from work until about 8pm so I try and make the most of this hour to write content or edit photos.

If he’s working away I can work through, but obviously we do want to spend time together so by about 9pm we settle down and watch a box set or film.

Yes things don’t always go as smoothly as described, toast gets burnt or one (or both) of the girls are poorly, but you just have to improvise and get through.

The key resources for me day to day are;

  • Buffer for social media scheduling
  • My iphone for everything!
  • Evernote for planning and research
  • For Instagram I look at what hashtags people I admire are using and if they are relevant to my images I will try those tags. I also receive Sara Tasker’s hashtag newsletter which she sends out monthly. You can sign up here

I hope you have found this interesting and helpful? Do let me know, and feel free to share your tips for juggling blogging and everyday life in the comments.

27 responses to “Day in the Life~ How to run a blog with 2 kids”

  1. I am currently totally failing at juggling life, kids and blogging. My eldest is two and a half and during the day there’s not really any time for me to do anything. I can occasionally check emails on my phone though. I used to work of an evening once she was asleep but my youngest, who is now 8 months, is suffering from separation anxiety so she wakes up quite often when she realises I’m not there. This makes working in the evening a bit of a non starter. I’m really struggling with not being able to blog at the moment. Blogging is my thing, my me time. It keeps me sane. So when I can’t find the time for it I tend to feel a little crazy. But I’m going back to work in September so at least I’ll have my lunch break to write and a few hours to think. You sound like you have it sorted though. Good for you!


    1. Ah yes- your two are quite close together in age. It wont be like that forever though and your blog will still be there!


  2. I’ve definitely found that multi-tasking helps – but I am in complete admiration of anyone who can do it whilst juggling children 🙂 I find it difficult enough to do with my full-time job and the animals. I’ve reluctantly had to admit to myself that I need to be more organised and make lists (ps, love that cactus photo!) X


    1. Ah thanks Lins! Its amazing what you can do if you get organised!


  3. Wow, I am amazed you get so much done and are super organised – my two are grown up and gone and I don’t achieve half as much (though I guess my full-time day job gets in the way somewhat!). Great tips – I’ve not used Buffly so will check it out.


  4. Hi Susie,

    I loved reading this breakdown – actually sounds achievable! This is definitely the final push I needed to give Buffer a go, as I simply can’t stay on top of social media the way I’d like to! While I don’t have small ones, juggling full-time work, trying to get to the gym and other commitments can make blogging seem impossible, although I’m big on notebooks and daily lists, too! Buffer here we come! Thanks for this.


    1. Yey! Hope you get along with Buffer, I find it great for Twitter especially


  5. Love to know how other bloggers balance parenthood and blogger. I have 2 little ones. Daughter heads to nursery and reception in Autumn but son is with me constantly. I really struggle with getting my blogs tasks done but just have to keep trying. I think the key is to have set time to work. I also set my award often to keep myself focus on a certain task. Social media can kill my time. Thank you for sharing!


    1. ah hope its helped you Christina! Thanks for stopping by x


  6. Very interesting to see how you fit blogging around your daily life, you do sound very organised with it!


    1. I wouldn’t get anything done otherwise!


  7. Multi tasking is indeed the only way with kids. I had a day with my LO today so we went product sourcing, aka. Treasure Hunting and had a great day together. It was quite productive too. Nothing beats nursery though!!
    I can’t get my head around Buffer though. It seems like a lot of work to set it all up. Getting posts scheduled etc. Maybe I should have another pop at it?


    1. Ah Yes- love a bit of treasure hunting. I’d give it another try, like I say in the post I set time aside each day to schedule my tweets. I think its worth getting up a bit earlier for!


  8. Gah! Sounds so super hectic compared to my day sans kids – I’m impressed you get any blogging done at all. I have all of this to look forward to 😉 xx


    1. Hehe- it takes some juggling! But I’m sure you’ll adapt xx


  9. I don’t have kids but I do juggle the blog with a full time job and use the same tricks and a lot of multitasking! I love buffer, it’s so good for scheduling tweets and Facebook posts and then you can largely forget about them for the rest of the day. I do a lot of blog writing in evenings and on sundays, or any moment I can catch. You sound like you’ve got a routine nailed, nice one! x


  10. Super organized! I know what means two kids and I admire you can do it. Respect!


  11. Some great tips here for multitasking and getting stuff done. Planning to check out Buffer, sounds like a God send!


    1. It really is Clare!


  12. I loved this post and I like how you get so much done in the morning. Nothing like a bit of help from Scooby Doo! x


    1. Seriously he is so helpful!


  13. This is a really interesting post, I have had so many people say to me recently ‘You’ll have to say goodbye to your blog when you have children’ so this is proof that won’t be the case. I’m sure it won’t be easy but it’s totally doable!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Hi lovely- you know I never blogged until I had my first, so its always been a juggling act for me. But it IS totally doable, being organised and being able to prioritise and not beating yourself up are some of the skills needed. You can do it!


  14. Really useful tips – thanks for sharing! I don’t have kids but I work full-time as well as blogging, and the key thing for me is scheduling photography. I don’t get home from the office til 8ish, and by then it’s normally too dark for photography, so I plan ahead to make sure I photograph everything I need to at weekends. I’m definitely going to try Evernote after reading this as it sounds really useful for that kind of thing.


    1. Totally get the photography thing! There’s been a few times when I’ve had to delay a blog post as the light hasnt been right for photos!


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