Life Lately

It’s rare that I do these catch up posts, but it’s been over a week since my last post. I wanted to let you know I’m still here.

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colourful summer

Bathroom renovation

To be honest, it has mostly been all about the bathroom this past week. All of the time I have to myself (when I’d usually blog) has been taken up with huge amounts of research into bathrooms and everything to do with them.

I actually think this bathroom makeover is a much bigger task than the kitchen was, and it’s about a quarter of the size. So I’m spending a lot of time sourcing the right products for the size, and the look we want. The Virgo perfectionist streak is out in force right now. More on the look of the bathroom soon, I’m really excited to show you what we have planned.

We’ve had a couple of meetings with a chap who is going to do the job for us, and I think he’s just like, what have I taken on here… He’s actually great though, really patient and really thorough, asking me questions I hadn’t considered before and giving me more options than I thought we had.

See how my bathroom looks now.

Freelance work

I have managed to squeeze a couple of freelance writing gigs in this week too, where I’m writing for other websites. Will share those soon.

Family time

The weather has finally booked it’s ideas up (I just had to say it didnt I?) so we’ve been outside loads, in the garden and a couple of our local parks. This shot below was taken at Bruntwood which is a real gem of a park.

bruntwood park

We’ve also started potty training littlest, who isn’t so little any more. She’s so stubborn and just wants to do things her way. After four days though, she is well and truly getting the hang of it, thank goodness.

Bedroom floor

For two days last week we had a couple of chaps come and restore our bedroom floor. This included filling and sanding and treating the original floorboards. So the house was turned upside down and Mr OFS and I were sleeping downstairs on an airbed for four nights (the lacquer needs time to dry you see). Any kind of upheaval and new content for the blog gets put down the priority list.

Behind the scenes

So I’m working a lot behind the scenes on the blog- fixing broken links, deleting some old and irrelevant posts. It’s great to do a tidy up every now and again.

How have you been?

7 responses to “Life Lately”

  1. I’d agree with you that bathrooms can be more time consuming (and costly!) than kitchens. Good to see you are getting some down time though 🙂


    1. Yes!! In proportion to the size especially true!


  2. I like knowing what’s going on behind the scenes – lots more to blogging than just writing and publishing posts! Sounds like you’ve got a lot on, best of luck with all the renovations 🙂


    1. Aw thankyou Molly! That’s so kind of you to say x


  3. Welcome back, you did great job, thank for sharing!


  4. I like catch up posts and knowing what’s been going on behind closed doors – such a nosey parker aren’t I?

    Sounds like you’ve been really productive! You deserve a night out with drinks 😉 x


    1. Ah Karen! I bloody well do!


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